Getting frustrated as the taskbar of your Windows 10 stopped working? Don’t know what to do? A complete guide is here to provide you with the information on Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working issues. A number of things can cause the problem.

However, go through the complete article to know all about Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working issues. With the tips in tow provided here hopefully, you will have a fully functional taskbar once again.

Now, have a look at the general issues you may face when your Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working.

General Issues You May Face While Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

An aesthetic, as well as a functional makeover of Taskbar, was done when Windows 10 launched. Additionally, a search bar was included coupled with the method of keeping the personal assistant of Microsoft, Cortana handy. Taskbar gives you an immediate access to the software that you are currently using.

However, have a look at the general issues now that you may face when your taskbar is not working properly.

Windows Explorer Error

Sometimes you may face a windows explorer issue that can freeze the taskbar. Hence, restart the Windows Explorer or use the command prompt to fix the one.

Command Prompt Issue

You may find all the icons are missing from your taskbar as well as the tray is absent from the right side at the bottom. You may also find that functionalities such as the clock, calendar, and the sound option all are missing. No need to mention, that a command prompt error causes the issue. Hence fix the one and get rid of Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working issues.

Unclickable Taskbar Issue

Sometimes you may face the error like your taskbar is present but you can’t click on any icon. This issue happens because all the icons are asking for a resorting to some desperate measures. Hence, rearrange them and fix the issue.

Unavailability Of Auto-hide Feature

You may also face the blocking of Auto-hide functionality usage. So whenever your Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working, the unavailability of the Auto-hide feature is very common.

Driver Issues

The driver issue gives rise to other PC problems. An outdated driver can harm your PC in every way and can cause all manner of issues. Hence, update your driver from time to time and get rid of the problems.

User Account Issue

Sometimes old user account or error in the user account arises the Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working problem. Hence, change your account, create a new one and resolve the issue.

Anyway, all the information is here regarding the windows 10 taskbar not responding. Try the general fixes at first to resolve the issue, if that doesn’t work connect with us and get help. Use the comment box for further queries. Stay in touch for all the latest information.

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