Most Productive External Monitor for Laptop – (Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide)

Most Productive External Monitor for Laptop – (Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide)

After witnessing the Covid Pandemic, businesses are shifting towards WFH. Employees now rely on laptops for their office work as well as to consume entertainment. Laptops come in different sizes and their screen may not be perfect for you. You can be looking for a portable touchscreen monitor to ease up your work, a large screen for entertainment, or a perfect size external monitor for laptop to prevent any back pain and eye strain.

By connecting your laptop to an external monitor, you can greatly increase your workspace and improve your productivity. But with so many different types of monitors on the market, it’s tricky to choose the right one for you. Regardless of your intent on using an external monitor, we’ve brought you six external monitors that we’ve personally tested for laptops and reviewed them for their features, quality, and performance. Let’s begin.

List of Best External Monitor For Laptop (Reviewed)

The below-listed external monitors are tested for their performance, size, touchscreen, and looks. We tested plenty of external monitors and reviewed only those who passed the monitor stress test.

1: Lepow External Portable Monitor

Lepow External Monitor for laptop

Brand: Lepow | Display: LED | Screen Size: 15.6 in | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.8 x 0.34 inches | Weight: 1.70 lbs

Lepow is our first pick as a portable external monitor for laptop due to its 15.6-inch size which is perfect for most users and the 1080p FHD screen provides crystal clear graphics and a mesmerizing experience for the eyes. With this external monitor, you get a wall charger and screen protector for its display.

It comes with HDR mode support that provides the best-in-class mainstream transmission and allows you to consume HD content and play 3D games. You get the best in-hand experience as the 0.3-inch slim profile feels very thin and at 1.76 lbs weight, you can carry it anywhere. Plus the brand offers a smart cover with it.

As for connectivity, you get a lot from this portable monitor. The Mini HDMI and Type-C ports allow connecting it with smartphones, PC, PS3, 4, XBOX One, etc. making it a portable gaming monitor. It comes with 2 built-in speakers that are not very good but decent for the monitor’s pricing. Overall, the Lepow external monitor is best for your office tasks and offers great visuals for movies and gaming 

2: Sceptre Curved 27

Sceptre Curved External Monitor For laptop

Brand: Sceptre | Display: LED | Screen Size: 27 in | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Refresh Rate: 75 hertz | Dimensions: ‎19.93 x 15.09 x 7.02 inches | Weight: 5.5 lbs

Now we have the best curved external monitor for Laptop. The Spectre Curved 27” monitor provides you with a large screen for entertainment plus work purposes and reduces eye strain and back pain. It comes with Adaptive Sync technology and it works like a wonder. You’ll see less image tearing and hardly any stuttering while playing games or HD movies.

The 75Hz refresh rates provide better FPS and give you an advantage over others in competitive games. You can play or use this external monitor for long sessions without worrying about eye strain. Thanks to its blue light mode, it protects your eyes from irritation and helps you focus more on your work.

The feature that is sure to take your attention is its tilting feature. It minimizes the glare and you can tilt it 5° forward and 15° backward to find the perfect spot that offers you comfort and bring you clarity as per your liking. 

In terms of connectivity, you get 2x HDMI along with a single VGA port. So, whether you want to connect a laptop or PC with this external monitor, you’ll have no issues. Ultimately, this is the largest external monitor for laptops you can get to experience quality content.

3: Uperfect 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Uperfect touchscreen External Monitor For Laptop

Brand: Uperfect | Display: LED | Screen Size: 15.6 in | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Dimensions: ‎13.9 x 8.7 x 0.5 inches | Weight: 2.05 lbs

If you own a Mac or Windows Laptop, we have the best external touch screen monitor for laptop from Uperfect. This monitor is not only a great gift for the people who love gaming, but also perfect for office workers and students. It will be your best work and study, partner. 

As for performance, the screen is large and clear enough to work on, and the touch screen is very responsive. It delivers enhanced visual details and provides stunning clarity. The built-in HDR and FreeSync features make it the best external monitor for laptop to play demanding games and other important tasks.

Connectivity-wise,  the Uperfect S 4K portable monitor has one HDMI port, two full-featured Type-C input ports, and a mini DP port. It also has a built-in speaker and a microphone which is good for casual gaming. The monitor comes with a carrying case and a detachable stand. Its response time is far better than even laptops and allows you to watch upgraded content.

As for features, this monitor has a resolution of 3840×2160, which is four times that of Full HD. It also has a refresh rate of 60Hz and supports HDR. The monitor is compatible with Windows 10 and macOS with a three-year warranty. The only downside is that if your device isn’t featured with type C, you won’t get the touch function.

4: Sceptre 24″ Professional

Sceptre 75Hz Monitor

Brand: Sceptre | Display: LCD | Screen Size: 24 in | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1 | Refresh Rate: 75 hertz | Dimensions: 21.59 x 15.83 x 7.02 inches | Weight: 6.5 lbs

We’ve all been there before – staring at a computer screen for hours on end, trying to get work done or just kill some time. But after a while, the bright lights and constant movement can start to take their toll. That’s where monitors like the Sceptre 24″ LED Monitor come in, offering a bigger and more immersive experience that can help reduce eye strain.

But it’s not just about the size; the Sceptre monitor also features two HDMI inputs, so you can easily connect it to your computer or other devices. Plus, with built-in speakers, you won’t have to worry about lugging around extra speakers or dealing with messy wires. The aspect ratio of 1.77:1 looks great and the 75Hz refresh rate is enough for gamers.

It has a slim design, making it great for small spaces, and a great choice for both work and play. It has a fast response rate that helps prevent ghosting and helps you track your enemies in the most chaotic situations.

The 1080p resolution is clear enough to show you scenes in detail and the blue light technology allows you to work and play comfortably for long sessions. So if you want a professional external monitor for laptop, the Sceptre 24″ is definitely worth considering.

5: HP 24mh FHD Monitor

HP 24mh FHD Monitor

Brand: HP | Display: LED | Screen Size: 23.8 in | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Refresh Rate: 75 hertz | Dimensions: ‎23.54 x 8.33 x 18.28 inches | Weight: 9.94 lbs

Start your workday by reading the news on your brand new HP 24mh FHD Monitor. The stunning 23.8-inch IPS display with 1080p resolution is perfect for streaming your favorite shows or catching up on work emails. It has built-in speakers for providing the rich, detailed sound so you can enjoy movies and music without having to purchase separate speakers.

Enjoy more desk space than you thought possible with an attractive and ultra-slim design. This HP external monitor for laptop comes with VESA mounting making it easy to attach this monitor to any compatible stand or mount. Moreover, the height/tilt adjustment ensures you always have the perfect viewing angle. 

HP is known for its durability and high-quality products. When you take a closer look, you’ll see its ultra-thin bezels that provide you with an ultra-wide experience. It also includes HDMI and DisplayPort inputs for connecting to your laptop or other devices. This monitor is sure to provide an enjoyable and productive viewing experience.

For a 23.8-inch IPS display with a 75 Hz of refresh rate, this monitor packs a lot of features. Whether you’re working from home or just browsing the web, the HP 24mh FHD Monitor is the perfect addition to your desk.

6: Cocopar Portable Monitor

Cocopar Portable Monitor

Brand: Cocopar | Display: LCD | Screen Size: 15.6 in | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Dimensions: 14 x 8.9 x 0.23 inches | Weight: 1.60 lbs

The Cocopar portable monitor is a great external monitor for laptop guaranteed to improve your productivity while working from home. It’s lightweight and easy to set up, and it’s compatible with both Mac and PC. The monitor has a Full HD resolution, and the IPS panel ensures that colors are accurate and consistent. 

It comes with an adjustable stand, so you can find the perfect viewing angle, and the USB-C port makes it easy to connect to your tablet as well. The best part of the Cocopar portable external monitor is the price; it’s very affordable, especially when compared to other monitors on the market.

This 15.6-inch monitor is super slim, weighing only 1.59 pounds, and features full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution and 72% sRGB color gamut for lifelike colors and sharp text. The bezels are slim, measuring only 4mm at the thinnest point.

The body of the monitor is made out of a magnesium alloy which gives it a solid feel without adding too much weight. If you own a mac, you have to update your macOS Monterey 12.3 to 12.3.1  and then use it. Aside from this, you get worth every penny you spend on this external monitor for laptop and a smart cover for protecting its screen.

Tips to Buy the Best External Monitor For Laptop

When you are looking for buying the best external monitor for your laptops, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. These will help you decide on the best large or portable monitor for yourself.

1: Size

When shopping for an external monitor for your laptop, size is one of the most important considerations. A larger monitor will provide a more immersive experience and allow you to see more content at a glance. If you frequently work with multimedia files or need to view large amounts of data, a bigger screen can be a major benefit. On the other hand, a smaller monitor is more portable and can be a better choice if you’re tight on space. 

2: Resolution

The resolution is also an important factor to consider. If you’ll be using your monitor for tasks like watching movies or editing photos, then you’ll want to look for a model with a high resolution. However, if you’re mostly just using your monitor for general web browsing and word processing, then a lower resolution may be fine.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a powerful computer to drive a 4K display, and you may also need to upgrade your video cables. But if you want the best image quality, 4K is the way to go. Furthermore, in case your laptop can’t handle the external monitor, reboot your system and if the Windows start menu hangs, you can fix the Windows start menu not working issue for it.

3: Connectivity

When considering which external monitor to buy for your laptop, connectivity is an important factor to keep in mind. Users often enquire about How to set up external monitor for laptop. Most connection used for monitors is HDMI, which can be found on most laptops. However, some higher-end models may also offer DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Depending on the type of laptop you have, one of these may be the best option for you. 

4: Weight

The weight of an external monitor is an important consideration. A heavier monitor will be more difficult to transport and may add significant weight to your laptop bag. Meanwhile, a lighter and portable external monitor for laptop may be more susceptible to damage if it is dropped.

The Weight of a monitor can also affect the stability of the stand, making it more difficult to keep the screen level when typing or working on documents. Ultimately, the best external monitor for your laptop is the one that strikes the perfect balance between weight and durability.

5: Price

When looking for the best external monitor for laptop, one of the most important considerations is price. There is a wide range of options available, and the price can vary significantly from one model to the next. In general, the more expensive models will offer better features and performance. However, it is important to strike a balance between price and quality. 

Paying too much for a monitor can lead to needless expense while skimping on cost can lead to disappointing results. By carefully considering the price, you can ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

6: Warranty

Any laptop user knows the importance of having a reliable, high-quality external monitor. However, external monitors can be quite expensive, so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting a product that will last. That’s where a warranty comes in. 

By choosing an external monitor with a good warranty, you can be sure that you’re making a wise investment. In the event that your monitor develops a problem, you’ll be able to get it repaired or replaced without having to pay out of pocket. 

So when you’re considering which external monitor to buy, be sure to ask about the warranty. It could end up being the most important factor in your decision.

7: Check Reviews

When shopping for an external monitor for laptop, it’s important to read reviews to get an idea of what others are saying about the product. This is especially helpful if you’re not familiar with the brand or model, as reviews can provide valuable insights into a product’s performance, features, and quality. 

In addition, reviews can be a great way to compare different models side-by-side and figure out which one is best suited for your needs. With so many options on the market, taking the time to read reviews can help you make a more informed purchase and ensure that you’re getting the best possible value for your money.

Final Verdict

We hope that this article has helped you learn about the best external monitor for laptop and how it can improve your productivity. Whether you are looking for a small size or a big size, or even a touchscreen external monitor, we have provided the best options on the market.

With so many different types and brands to choose from, make sure to consider our review before purchasing them. Once you find the perfect one for your needs, be sure to start using it right away to increase your productivity in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to set up external monitor for laptop?

In most cases, you’ll just need an HDMI or DVI cable. To start, locate the appropriate port on your laptop. If you’re not sure which one it is, it’s the one you get with an external monitor. Once you’ve found the port, connect one end of the cable to it. 

Now, take the other end of the cable and connect it to the input port on the back of your external monitor. Finally, power on both your laptop and your external monitor.

Q2. Do laptops Perform better with an external monitor?

Many laptop users find that their computer performs better when connected to an external monitor. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, an external monitor for laptop generally has a higher resolution than the built-in display, so text and images appears sharper.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks to using an external monitor. For one thing, it can add clutter to your desk and increase the risk of tripping over cords. Additionally, it can put a strain on your laptop’s battery, which can shorten its lifespan. Nevertheless, for many laptop users, the benefits of an external monitor outweigh the drawbacks.

Q3. Are external monitors better for the eyes?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, there are a few things to consider when making a decision. First, external monitors are generally larger than laptop screens, which can help to reduce eye strain. In addition, an external monitor for laptop can be positioned further away from the eyes, allowing for a more comfortable viewing experience. 

With the blue light technology, some external monitors are better for the eyes as compared to those that don’t have this feature. Overall, whether or not an external monitor is better for the eyes depends on the individual viewer and how the monitor is used.


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