Fix YouTube Not Working Issue

Fix YouTube Not Working Issue

Today in the morning I was watching quicken tutorials on YouTube and YouTube suddenly stopped working. I first thought it’s an issue from quicken so I contacted quicken support, lol! I really acted dumb as I actually realized it’s the YouTube that’s not working, and I have tweaks for everyone who might be facing this issue now.

Is YouTube not working on your computer or on your smartphone? You are at the right place. Go through my article here and find what causes the YouTube app not loading pages.

YouTube is the gateway of entertainment for many of us. Having 30 million+ daily visitors YouTube Outages are quite common. But we have nothing to deal with that. Besides the YouTube outages, on lots of occasions, we face problems with YouTube on our PCs or on smartphones.

The problems with YouTube can be like these…

  • YouTube site not opening
  • 500 internal server error
  • Error Loading
  • YouTube Showing Black Screen
  • Video Stops Buffering

Along with the problems mentioned above, there can be some other issues as well. However, in this article, I’m going to discuss all those YouTube errors that frustrate you.


What are The Reasons Behind YouTube Not Working?

Poor or Unstable Network Connection

We all know that YouTube requires a fair bit of network speed to watch videos and movies on it. But on many occasions, we just forget to check on that part and try to troubleshoot thousands of other things. Therefore, just to remind you, do check your network connection stability. If you find that the network connection is quite stable but you are unable to load YouTube. Then there are some other reasons for the error. Read further…

Full or Broken Cache and Cookies

Is your browser showing you the error message like this- ‘YouTube Site Not Opening’? Then full or broken cache and cookies are the main reason behind this error. Cache and Cookies are the temporary files that your browser downloads at the time of visiting certain websites. This ensures faster surfing of the website in the future. While the browser allocates a certain amount of space known as Cache and Cookies memory. You might have to face this type of issue when the memory becomes full.

Outdated or Disabled Adobe Flash Player

disable adobe player

Adobe Flash player is the plugin that comes automatically installed with your Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser. We need to have Adobe Flash Player enabled on our browsers to load any kind of video on the browser. On many occasions, you will find that YouTube not working just because of the disabled Adobe Flash player. Only enabling the plugin will solve the issue in such circumstances.

If Adobe Flash Player is enabled and still you are facing the issue then it must be due to the outdated version of the Flash Player. Update the Adobe Flash Player plugin to get away from the problem.

Conflict with Other Video Streaming Apps or Extensions

A software conflict with other video streaming applications installed on your smartphone can give rise to the YouTube not working issue. If you are trying to access YouTube using the web browser and facing the error then the conflict can be with some browser’s add-ons.

The End-Note

Adieu, Guys! Hope to troubleshoot YouTube not working error will be much easier for you. For any further queries connect with us here through the comment box. You can leave your contact details here if you want one of our technicians to get in touch with you to fix the issue.


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