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Top 10 Home Improvement Tips

If you’ve just bought a home or an apartment, you’re certain to have been bitten by the home improvement itch. Worry not, it’s a predicament most homeowners face. Here are the top 10 tips that you should blindly follow when considering undertaking a home-improvement project:

  1. Learn the art of DIY: Hiring a contractor, or a designer aside, the art of doing-it-yourself (DIY) can pay off fruitful dividends when it comes to making home improvements. So, the first project you should definitely take up is picking up some DIY skills, because there’s nothing anyone can do better to polish up the house, then the person who’s residing in it.
  2. Make a budget: It’s easy to get carried away with allotting money to time-consuming home improvement projects in the desire to give your house the ultimate makeover. However. It’s best to always have a budget before you begin any home-improvement projects so that you can stick to how much you can afford.
  3. Choose the right tools: Using the right tools are what can make or break a home improvement project. So, it’s essential that you equip your toolbox with the right kind of tools, be it for any minor house repair, or a major home makeover project.
  4. Zero in on the right contractor: The increasing contractor-horror stories floating around in the open is proof enough that choosing the right contractor is key to giving your home the intended makeover. Afterall, you’re trusting someone with your most prized possession—a house—so he better do his job well.
  5. Decide on improvements that make a difference to your home: Take a deep breath. Relax. Don’t get carried away in your bid to do everything to heighten the way your home looks. Be very strict and only zero in on the home improvements that will add value to your house, and don’t just do it because it’s the latest fad.
  6. Prioritise on improvements depending on the season: Decide on undertaking home improvement jobs based on how timely they are. For example, if it’s the rainy season, prioritize fixing the leaking roof first, before you move onto anything else.
  7. Personalise every home improvement: The only way any house can become a home is when you add your own personal touch to it. Regardless of what you’re doing to improve your house, always pay attention to add your personal touches to it. It could be a memory, a life-lesson or just something you believe in.
  8. Consult an interior designer: In case, you have major home improvement projects in mind, it’s always best to consult an interior designer or an architect before you set out to execute it, just to have a second opinion on what would work for your house and what wouldn’t.
  9. Take recommendations from friends who’ve tackled home improvement projects: There’s nothing better than first-hand advice from people who’ve already gone through the home journey that you’re planning to undertake. Learn from their mistakes, and sort out your life.
  10. Brush up on your home improvement skills: The more you know—be it from Pinterest, or from books—the better your imagination will be able to help you with home improvement ideas. So, don’t forget to always keep reading. Inspiration can strike you anywhere.

Things to consider before buying a gaming laptop

Things to consider before buying a gaming laptop Laptops have come a long way in the last few years. On the other hand, good devices suited for gaming which once sounded like oxymoron are readily available nowadays in the market. However, there are certain considerations that you must keep in mind while opting to buy a gaming laptop. Quite interestingly, the high demands on performance often coincide with the needs of portability. It is interesting to note that devices suited for gaming have evolved significantly in the last few years. With the passage of time, individuals are considering buying laptops for gaming purposes as laptops are highly portable. Here is the list of essential considerations that you might need while the purchase of a gaming laptop. CPU Hardware perspectives should be your essential consideration if you want to buy an efficient gaming laptop. Under the hardware section, you have to first look out for the quality of CPU. It is so because modern day high graphics game demands a lot of computing power which can be easily provided by an efficient CPU. On the other side, if you love to play multiplayer games, you have to buy a laptop that possesses a good CPU. It is so because a good quality CPU would always keep the record of numerous players. For graphic intensive games, you have to opt for popular processor brands that would make your gaming experience worthwhile. You should always focus on buying good quality gaming laptops that would make your gaming experience a worthwhile one. GPU Another important hardware consideration in a laptop is the presence of a strong GPU. Your game would not run until and unless you have a good GPU. You need a potent GPU to experience high-end gaming. Quite interestingly, many GPUs nowadays come with the wide array of characteristics like battery boosting capabilities and 3D surround. All these make your gaming experience worthwhile. The graphics processing unit should be bought from an authorized buyer who can effectively cater to your needs and requirements. VRAM The next consideration that you should keep in mind is VRAM. It is the memory where they can store all the frames, textures and necessary properties. However, it is always a bit tricky to gauge the amount of space you need. Hence, you have to research a bit on the internet to keep things simpler. Consider buying a laptop that promises to provide a greater amount of VRAM within affordable range. RAM or Memory Memory is also vital as the CPU needs to store the settings related to gaming in the system RAM. For intensive gaming, you must opt for 8GB of RAM. However, you can also choose to buy the 6GB variant. You would not come across any major issues even if you opt for 6GB. Apart from the other considerations, you should also assess the brand presence of the laptop you are buying. Always look at the reviews of the particular brands of laptops you are considering to buy.  

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Things Easy

kitchen gadgets

When we talk about cooking, it is not an easy task but we do put our complete effort in it to make it taste good. Everyone is not a good cook but smart gadgets or tools can really define cooking well. A chef has to be smart enough while selecting its updated cooking gadgets in order to do the creative cooking. Some of the top kitchen gadgets are as follows: kitchen gadgets

  1. Divided Frying Pan: This is a multi-section frying pan which allows one to fry many things at one time and saves time. People who are working professionals, this is the best gadget for you. It has several partitions which are good for making sausages, omelet, frying beans, potatoes, etc. In this one pan breakfast can be made for 3-4 people together.
  2. Electric Carving Knives set: It is an electrical device which is used for slicing food. When compared to a regular knife, it involves less physical effort. It consists of two serrated blades which are clipped together. This device is very easy to use. When the device is plugged in the blade starts moving in the lengthwise direction to provide sawing action. Besides kitchen these knives serve other functions also like they are used in cutting wood, carving metal and other semi-solid or solid substances. These knives are available in both the forms-with and without cords.
  3. Lynx Smart Grill: This device needs no introduction as it states its use itself. It is a gas based grill with the Infrared feature, with which it can be completely controlled through the smart phone. It can work according to the voice commands, so does not need full-time attention. As one can grill stuff by sitting at a distance and can adjust grill time through the smart phone. The best thing about this gadget is it automatically cooks the food according to one’s personal preferences and specifications. It also sends notifications or alerts through the connected app. And it is compatible with both IOS and Android phones.
  4. Joule Sous Vide Tool: This tool is very useful. It involves a technique where cooking food is controlled in low-temperature water. This process is very easy and consumes very less time. One needs to put joule with some water, this tool will automatically adjust the heated time and will serve fresh. It can also be connected to a smartphone as it also has an infrared feature.
  5. Custom Engraved Rolling Pins: Some of most creative cookies can be made by using these engraved rollers on the cookie dough. As the name suggests we can create custom designs in these rolling pins and then the same can be used in making creative cookies. These rolling pins are made up of wood and leave a perfect impression on the dough.
People have rescued themselves from the physical effort to smart cooking.Besides the above mentioned 5 kitchen gadgets, there are a number of tools/ gadgets in the market that makes cooking simple and easy.

Poke Notify: Now get notifications on your phone when a Pokemon is near you

I do not think that I have to say anything more about Pokemon Go. As we all know, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games in the world right now with downloads that have exceeded expectations on all fronts. Currently, it is one of the most popular games in the world and in the USA it has been breaking records since the day of its inception. It has broken all iStore app download records and is currently available for Android. Pokemon Go has reached these milestones even when it is available in only a few selected countries and has not yet made a worldwide release. The game is based on the concept of Augmented Reality, which involves users roaming around the streets to catch Pokemon. Poke Notify is one that is helping Pokemon Go reach even greater heights. The game, although very popular, is not without its problems. Due to the huge and unexpected popularity, it has garnered over a short period of time the developers of the game are struggling to cope up with the pressure that the servers are being put under due to a massive population playing the game at the same time. Also, there are many other developers who are making apps to piggyback Pokemon Go’s success and therefore, you will find a number of support apps that have come out in order to make the game easier. I have already talked about some of these new apps that are being created to complement the Pokemon Go game with KIK for PC. Poke Radar is a new app that has been made to search for Pokemon within an area and then there was the recent release of Razer Go, the first-of-its-kind Pokemon Go chat messenger.

Poke Notify: How does it work?

So what does this new app Poke Notify do? Its functionality is very similar to Poke Radar, but it has a couple of features that make it different and unique. While Poke Radar is crowd-sourced and gives you information about Pokemon roaming around in the area only when you open the app, Poke Notify is an application that runs in the background and notifies you about Pokemon in your area with a custom message notification like when you get a WhatsApp message. This app is not crowd-sourced and gets its information directly from the Pokemon Go app which makes it very reliable, but the fact that it runs in the background is a bit disturbing as it drains the battery all the time even when your phone is locked, and you think that all the applications are off. Poke Notify also comes with another great feature. From a list, you get to choose what Pokemons you want to catch, and the app will send you notifications regarding those Pokemon only. From its user feedback, the app maker Apptastic got the information that the battery draining part is a very negative side of Poke Notify, and that is why it rolled out another update which seeks to save battery life as well as work efficiently. So now you can easily get this app from the Google Play Store and install it and use it to find Pokemon nearby also you can use this in Windows 7 as well with Bluestacks. Your work is lessened all the more because you do not have to search manually for Pokemons. This app will search them for you, and as soon as there is any Pokemon in your vicinity, it will send you a message after which you can open the Pokemon Go app and then catch the Pokemon if you want it. Poke Notify is available for free on the Google Play Store. The user interface is really simple, and it does not feature any in-app purchases. So, go and get it now.

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