Amazon Prime And Its Advantages

Amazon Prime And Its Advantages

Amazon- the online shopping giant needs no introduction. Every netizen is well aware about this online shopping hub where you can shop for all that you want. You pay online and all the goods are delivered right at your doorstep no matter which part of the globe you are living. If you are on the lookout for some particular deals and particular services only from Amazon then you need to opt for Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon prime?

This is a membership programme from Amazon. It is a paid service. The members of this Amazon programme get to take the advantage of some of the best Amazon specific services. The members get access to e-books, music and video streaming and also get free shipping of goods by Amazon.

Amazon prime

The exclusive access to some goodies with this paid service:

It should be noted that some purchases on Amazon can be made only by the Prime members. This includes Nintendo Switch inventory, popular video games like FIFA 16 etc. The element line of products which has baby wipes, vitamins etc is also available to only the Prime members. Those members who opt for the normal shipping, which takes about 5 to 7 days, then they get money, which they can use for purchasing music, video and e-books. If a person opts for some goods which are eligible under the 2 day shipping guarantee and if the member receives it after 2 days then they can contact the customer care for the same. There is a chance that the membership will be extended for another 30 days.

The cost of Prime membership:

The yearly subscription costs $99. The first one month of this annual subscription is free. You can cancel the subscription at any time. You can also opt for a monthly membership the cost of which is $10.99. Those students who have Amazon Student accounts can enjoy the Prime benefits for the first six months absolutely free. After 6 months the student subscribe for Prime at a 50% discount. The six month trial period will also give them the free shipping advantage. However, during the trial period, they cannot take the advantage of music, video streaming and Kindle books. But once the students subscribe at the discounted price then they can avail to all these benefits.

Amazon prime apps

Some of the reasons for which you must take the Prime subscription advantage:

There are some cool shipping benefits like free two day shipping on entitled items. They also have free same day delivery options for eligible zip codes. There is the advantage of prime pantry access where the members can buy low priced grocery, household items, pet care items and they can have these items shipped to addresses in the nearby US territories. It must be noted that this includes only certain contiguous US territories. The delivery fee is $5.99 for each prime pantry delivery box. You can also get delivery of several items in one hour from local stores through Prime Now. This offer is available only in select cities. This paid membership option also helps you save lots of money with the help of the different deals and discounts that Amazon Mom offers.

The members also have the advantage of getting half an hour early access on certain deals on Amazon and certain events on The Prime Early access makes this possible. You can also get some great discounts on new video releases. Members in the US also get the advantage to get early access to Kindle First Picks and they can then download a new book free of cost. They can do this every month. Free time unlimited has lots of kid friendly content. Parents can get lots of savings on this as well. The subscription cost for the Prime members is only $2.99 per month. Prime members also have a chance to save money on select food items on Amazon.

There are plenty of entertainment options for the Prime members. On Prime video the paid members get the advantage of unlimited streaming of movies and videos. The Prime music gives the access to plenty of Prime Playlists and plenty of songs to the subscribers. In Prime Photos the members can get unlimited photo storage advantage. Prime members also get the benefit of third party streaming apps. The Prime members can enjoy the Thursday Night NFL games in this season.

There are other perks like Amazon elements. This is Amazon’s everyday essentials product range and the Prime members get access to this product line. They also give the Membership sharing option where two adults living in the household can share certain benefits of Amazon Prime.

They also have the Prime Now App. With this app the members in most part of the country can shop at any time of the day and night. They can shop throughout the week. They can shop for groceries, gifts, food etc. The delivery of all this stuff is within two hours at no additional cost. If you want the delivery to be within one hour then you need to pay $7.99.

Prime members can also get the advantage of reward points. With the reward points programme the members can get upto 5% back on But for this they will have to make use of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card or they will have to make use of the Amazon Prime Store Card.

What one can consider the biggest advantage that the Prime members get?

Those who make purchases from know very well that for goods whose worth is not more than $25 they will have to pay the shipping charges. Also the shipping will take about a week’s time. It is very difficult to know when exactly you will get your goods delivered despite the fact that you have paid for the shipping. But when one takes the Prime membership then one need not worry about these problems as you do not have to pay any delivery charges and you also get the advantage of fasteramazon prime members get

Here are some reasons that one may avoid the Prime membership:

We have looked at the large number of advantages that Prime members get. But it should be noted that there a few disadvantages as well due to which one may not want the membership. Before you decide whether you should opt for the membership or not it is better to weigh the pros and cons of Amazon Prime.

If a person does not do much shopping from Amazon then this membership is not going to be of much use for him or her. Before you take the membership it is important that you check how often you purchase goods from Amazon. It is also important to check if you are keen on shopping online and if you do take the membership you must also analyse if you will take the maximum advantage of the different offers and benefits. Only if you are going to avail to the different benefits then it makes sense to invest in this membership.

Confused about whether you should take the membership or not?

There are chances that you may be confused about whether you should take the membership or not. Here is what you can do. There is this option of free 30 days trial. You will have one full month to test the services and decide if you want to take the membership. There is only one thing that you need to alert about. At the end of the trial period, your credit card will be charged automatically for the membership.

So, make sure that you cancel the membership in advance. If you are a paid member but you have not made use of any of the benefits, then you can easily get a refund. But to get the refund you have to be sure that none of your family members have placed the order under the prime membership. If they have placed even a single order then you will not be eligible for the refund.

Overall you can say that there are plenty of perks and benefits that one can get with the Prime membership. This membership is particularly useful for those who are regularly buying things from the Amazon website. Those people who do very little online shopping may not be able to take the advantage of the different benefits that this Prime membership offers and hence it is better that they first try the test membership that is the free trial period and then decide.

But those who have already used this Prime membership will tell you that it surely bestows a large number of advantages and is truly very useful.  Especially the delivery options that you have with the Prime membership are really great. is the online superstore which has all that you wish to buy. They have introduced the paid membership option with Prime in order to make sure that their customers get better benefits and better delivery options. also get more information about amazon prime

Poke Notify: Now get notifications on your phone when a Pokemon is near you

Poke Notify: Now get notifications on your phone when a Pokemon is near you

I do not think that I have to say anything more about Pokemon Go. As we all know, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games in the world right now with downloads that have exceeded expectations on all fronts just like the Showbox App has done. Currently, it is one of the most popular games in the world and in the USA it has been breaking records since the day of its inception. It has broken all iStore app download records and is currently available for Android. Pokemon Go has reached these milestones even when it is available in only a few selected countries and has not yet made a worldwide release. The game is based on the concept of Augmented Reality, which involves users roaming around the streets to catch Pokemon. Poke Notify is one that is helping Pokemon Go reach even greater heights.

The game, although very popular, is not without its problems. Due to the huge and unexpected popularity, it has garnered over a short period of time the developers of the game are struggling to cope up with the pressure that the servers are being put under due to a massive population playing the game at the same time. Also, there are many other developers who are making apps to piggyback Pokemon Go’s success and therefore, you will find a number of support apps that have come out in order to make the game easier. I have already talked about some of these new apps that are being created to complement the Pokemon Go game with KIK for PC. Poke Radar is a new app that has been made to search for Pokemon within an area and then there was the recent release of Razer Go, the first-of-its-kind Pokemon Go chat messenger.

Poke Notify: How does it work?

So what does this new app Poke Notify do? Its functionality is very similar to Poke Radar, but it has a couple of features that make it different and unique. While Poke Radar is crowd-sourced and gives you information about Pokemon roaming around in the area only when you open the app, Poke Notify is an application that runs in the background and notifies you about Pokemon in your area with a custom message notification like when you get a WhatsApp message. This app is not crowd-sourced and gets its information directly from the Pokemon Go app which makes it very reliable, but the fact that it runs in the background is a bit disturbing as it drains the battery all the time even when your phone is locked, and you think that all the applications are off.

Poke Notify also comes with another great feature. From a list, you get to choose what Pokemons you want to catch, and the app will send you notifications regarding those Pokemon only. From its user feedback, the app maker Apptastic got the information that the battery draining part is a very negative side of Poke Notify, and that is why it rolled out another update which seeks to save battery life as well as work efficiently. So now you can easily get this app from the Google Play Store and install it and use it to find Pokemon nearby also you can use this in Windows 7 as well with Bluestacks. Your work is lessened all the more because you do not have to search manually for Pokemons. This app will search them for you, and as soon as there is any Pokemon in your vicinity, it will send you a message after which you can open the Pokemon Go app and then catch the Pokemon if you want it.

Poke Notify is available for free on the Google Play Store. The user interface is really simple, and it does not feature any in-app purchases. So, go and get it now.