TGMacro: What is it? How To Download & Use? (Detailed Comprehension 2023)

TGMacro: What is it? How To Download & Use? (Detailed Comprehension 2023)

Curious to experience the next-level gaming experience on your PC? What if we say you can use customized macros on your PC without having them with you? Well, there’s a way through which you can actually experience ultimate gaming sessions. Yes, with TG game Macro— an automated tool for pro gamers to automatically replicate the recorded actions. However, you can experience and unlock all the advanced capabilities of your game. Thus, you must get ready to use all the customized macros on your high-end games to edge over your competitors easily. 

TGMACRO Download

Experience a powerful gaming advantage with TG Macro – capture your keyboard and gaming activities, develop personalized macros and gain an edge in the game!

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What is TGMacro?


TG macro is a revolutionary automation tool specifically designed for having a better experience in the gaming sessions. Through this incredible tool, you can simply experience the magic of a macro keyboard and a macro mouse, even if you don’t have it physically with you. TG Macro helps you to create a pool of customized macros. However, it overall enhances the gaming sessions in a go as it creates multiple customized macros and unlocks the advanced capabilities. 

Requirements For TGMacro Download

Before you get into the Downloading process, you must fulfill all the requirements of your PC. Here we are listing significant requirements for downloading TG Macro. You must make sure of them all, then go for the downloading procedure.

  • Must have a Windows PC.
  • Windows 10,11, 8.1,7.
  • Required Configuration: minimum 32-Bit 
  • At least 2 GB RAM required
  • Minimum 100 MB of free space required
  • Frequent Internet connection

TG Macro Download for PC Free 

If you are here, then it simply means that you have fulfilled all the requirements for having TG macro for PC. If you are longing to download it, then you can simply download it with the above given button. You just need to press the button and wait till the download process gets done. However, you must keep in mind that this software is only available for Windows PC users, and you can not download it if you are using a mac.

TGMacro For PC: Installation Process 

This software is the only software that will not require any kind of installation process. You can simply start using it after completing the download. One of the best parts of using it is it takes up very less space on your computer so that you can use it without having much space on your high-end pc. 

If you are done with the downloading process, you just need to drag the downloaded file of TGMacro onto your desktop. Before you launch it, you must ensure that you have special software for opening it as it is in a zip format. So you must have WinRar or seven zip software in order to open the file. Now, you can simply start using TG macro. This way, you are allowed to do cheats in games like Roblox and Minecraft without any other exploit such as KRNL

How To Use TG Macro?

Creation of Macros on TG Macro

If you are done with the process of downloading and installing, then you must be thinking about how you can use it. Don’t worry; if you are not very technical, you can still use TGMacro on your PC by following the below-written steps. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the steps.

Creation of Macros on TGMacro

The first thing after download and installation come is creating macros. If you were also confused about how you can create macros manually on the TG macros, then this section is especially for you. However, creating macros is not that easy, but you just follow the below steps to get your macros created.

  • Launch TG Macro on your PC and Navigate to the bottom right pane.
  • Here you can see a plus sign. Click the option “Add new Macro +.”
  • Now, a prompt will tell you to name your Macro to avoid any further confusion.
  • Now, see the left pane; here, you need to select triggering options.
  • Select from the given options. Enter the key. For instance, you can enter G or whatever you want to record.
  • Now come to the recording section (Bottom right pane). Here you can choose your input devices, like mouse keyboards, etc, whose actions you want to record.
  • After making all the settings, you can hit the sign +.
  • Now, you will have to choose an action type from the drop-down menu.
  • You can choose any type of action that you want, such as mouse keys, keyboard keys, etc.
  • By pressing ALT+X, you can simply save your cursor’s current position.
  • To select the key, you can click the option  “Click Here To Set Key.”
  • Cross-check all the things you have added in the macro.
  • And hit save.   

Adding Action on TGM

If you have created a macro and want to lodge some changes to it, then you can edit it with the help of the below-written steps. However, there are only two options available: one is to create, and the other is to edit. You just need to click the edit option.

Tgmacro action type

  • If you have clicked the edit option, then you will get a prompt where you can make changes to your macro.
  • Select an action type that you want to add or edit.
  • There are various keys depicting different functions. Such as mouse key action and keyboard key action. 
  • Also, you can use the wait action in the macros to pause the function for a while. You can set this wait time from a millisecond to an hour as well. 

Key Statuses On TGM

The next thing that you have to perform in executing full-fledged macros on your PC is to configure the key status. It refers — how you want to use the key for the action. There are a total of 3 options available in the drop-down menu. You can choose any one of them at your convenience. Let’s check what key does what type of action. 

  • Press key: This will release the action in 1 millisecond.
  • Down Key: Through this, you can press and hold the key until it is released.
  • Up Key: This way, you can release the selected key.

Key Settings For Statuses

Starting Recording in the TG Macro for Windows

Now, the question is how one can set this key for key status. So, the below-written steps will help you to set the key configuration. You must have decided what type of key statues you want to add. However, let’s start with the process which is quite similar to the software Tinytask.

  • Hit the + icon, or you can choose the edit option as well. 
  • Now, select the macro where you want to make the change.
  • Here, you can see an option coming on your screen “ Click here to set key”
  • Hit that option and click the key you want to select.

Starting Recording in the TG Macro for Windows

To do so, you are required to make a macro first so that you can further save the changes and events that you want to repeat in your game. Let’s see how you can record your actions.

  • Get done with the creation of the macro.
  • In the bottom part of the right pane, you can see the sign of recording. 
  • Now, configure the action that you want to record.
  • Press record, or else you can press the hotkey combination (Ctrl+F10)
  • Now, in order to stop recording, you can simply click the hotkey combination again or click the recording button.

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Setting the Playback Loops

The main thing for which many of the readers were waiting is how to execute the recorded action. Read the below-written steps to know how you can perform the recorded action in a repetitive mode. Before you proceed further, you must have created a macro in the software.

  • Click on the macro that you wish to execute on the loop.
  • Click the edit option to step further.
  • In the triggering options, you must set key events on the trigger actions spot.
  • Now, click the key toggle. 
  • Here, you can set the save option to execute the macro further.

Is TG Macro Worth a Shot?

There are no doubts about TG Macro’s efficient performance. As there are so many games on which you are just required to waste your time and energy in order to get on the ground of your level, In these cases, TG macro comes into use, becoming your rescuer. You can simply save your macro actions on the software and playback in the loop to get the next-level gaming experience without wasting much of your time on it. Thus, we would like to advise you to use TG macro for leveling up your game and increasing the Roblox FPS. It provides you with exceptional performance and a better experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Auto macro recorder safe?

Yes, auto macro recorders are safe and secure. You can use it on your PC without even fearing any further hassle or security threats. However, you are required to download a trustworthy macro recorder such as TG Macro and also download it from a trustworthy site. 

Q2. How can I get Macros on PC?

You can simply select any of the macros and must ensure that it is a trustworthy Macro. Download and install it n your PC and get the playback loops to start on your game

Q3. Can I get a Ban on using Macros?

It is against the code of conduct for various games. However, it is a safe & innocent activity, but you must not use it multiple times.

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