Start Menu Not Working Windows 10 | Know All Possible Reasons

Start Menu Not Working Windows 10 | Know All Possible Reasons

The start menu is basically the core of your PC. Hence, when something goes wrong with the one it’s really very frustrating for all of us. But you don’t have to worry much as here is the article to help you with all possible reasons behind Start Menu Not Working Windows 10 issue. Know it from here, identify the exact issue and wipe it out. Here you go! Start menu of your PC will respond again.

 Start Menu Windows 10 Not Working

Now, proceeding towards the real causes,

Real Cause Of Start Menu Not Working Windows 10 Problem

A number of users like you have reported about the same issue that you are facing. Hence, we came up with the information just to help you a little bit to ease your difficulties. Be it the start button of your keypad or click of your mouse on the start icon, whenever you are trying to open the start menu it is getting stuck. And for a smooth experience with your PC, you must eliminate the issue.

However, have a look at the general causes now. That will surely help you to identify the exact reason behind the Start Menu Not Working Windows 10 issue.

Error With Windows 10 Installation

If your Windows 10 is not installed properly then it can cause the Start menu not Working Windows 10  issue. Hence, reinstall the Windows 10 and eliminate the issue.

Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

Error Occurred By Corrupted Files

Sometimes, corrupted files can be the main culprit behind your windows start menu not working issue. The corrupted files compel the start menu to get stuck and not work properly. Hence, you can’t operate the start menu.

Modern Or Metro Apps Causes Errors

Sometimes a modern app can cause the Start Menu Not Working Windows 10 issue. Hence, you need to remove all those apps from your desktop firstly.

Uninstalled Modern Apps Can Cause The Errors

Reinstall all the removed apps on your PC again. This will again let your start menu working properly.

Errors Occurred Because Of System File Issues

A system file error can also cause the issue. At this time run a system file checker and it will resolve the issue.

Windows Apps Are Not Installed Properly Can Cause The Issue

If you have not installed the windows apps properly in your PC then it may cause the error. Hence, you should reinstall all the windows apps.

Error With Your User Account 

Sometimes your user account error may prevent the start menu from working. Hence you need to set up a new user account to get the start menu working mode again.

Windows 10 start menu not working after update

Cache, Cookies Or Browser Error

All previously saved cache, cookies or browser history can stop the start menu from working. Hence refresh your PC and resolve your issue.

However,  if the general fixes do not help you, then connect with our helpdesk. Our team will resolve your issue within a couple of minutes. For the latest information stay connected.

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