SHAREit for PC: Share Content At Amazing Speed

SHAREit for PC: Share Content At Amazing Speed

Sharing content will surely bring to your mind cables, internet connections, USB drives etc. But here is an easy way of sharing content at fast speed. SHAREit for PC makes it possible for the user to share content between different devices. The best thing is that you need not worry about network charges and other things. All that you will have to do is download the SHAREit offline installer for PC and share the content offline.

Understanding the working of SHAREit :

All that one needs to do is download the application on the wireless devices. These devices when in range will locate each other. Now one can easily transfer files and videos within few seconds. It is faster than Bluetooth and it is a free application. You can transfer files between Windows, Mac, Android, iphone and iPad devices. You can easily transfer photos, videos, music, documents, and folders. These will get stored directly on the device.


The features of SHAREit for PC:

Here are some of the features of SHAREit:

  • Taking phone back up on PC: Most of you face the problem of storage space on your phone. But Shareit for PC Download will make it possible for you to take the back up of your phone on your PC with a single click. This will help you get more storage on your phone without deleting the photos from your phone.
  • Remote view feature: With this feature you can easily find PC files, documents and folders on your phone. You can display these files and folders on your phone directly.
  • PowerPoint presentations made easy: The PowerPoint presentation on your PC or on your projector can be controlled with SHAREit on your mobile phone. With this feature you will not require a separate clicker and you can make the presentation in the conference room with more ease.
  • Showcasing of content with ease: You can play with ease the content from your phone on your PC with the help of this application. One can use this feature in case of meetings and get together etc.
  • Sharing content between phones: Share the content from one phone to the other at a single tap with the SHAREit.
  • Sharing of content between PC: It is possible to share content between two PC’s with SHAREit.
  • Replicating the content on your phone: If you wish to replicate the content of your old phone to your new phone then too you can use this feature. It is one of the easiest ways to take the back up of all the folders and documents of your old phone on your new phone.

features of SHAREit for PC

The system requirements for downloading Shareit for PC:

Before you try to install Shareit for PC Download, it is important that you understand the system requirements that are required to downloading this application.

  • If you want the app to be installed without any problems, then you will need at least 1 GB of RAM.
  • The latest version of HD graphics will also ensure that the app is installed with ease and it will also ensure that you do not face problems when you use the application.
  • You will need good internet connection. Ideally you should opt for 4G or3G or WiFi when you are downloading the application.
  • You must also have at least 4 GB to 5 GB of available space on the C drive.

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Downloading the application of your PC:

Once you have checked if the system requirements are being fulfilled, then you can proceed with the Shareit for PC Download procedure. Here are the steps for downloading the application on your PC:

Step1: You will first have to download the latest version of the application from the official website. Just go to the website and click on the link or the download option.

Step 2: Once you click on download the application will start downloading on your PC.

Step 3: Once the download gets completed, you will have to locate where the file has got downloaded. Once you locate the file you should double click on the file.

Step 4:  You will get a pop up window with the RUN tab. Click on the RUN tab.

Step 5: The Set Up wizard for the application will open. On the first page of the wizard there is a ACCEPT button.

Step 6: In the next page of the wizard, you will have to choose the destination location. You can select the destination location by making use of the Browse button. Once you have selected the destination location, click on the Next button.

Step 7:  If you wish to create additional tasks by using the wizard then you can do the same in the next page of the SetUp wizard. In order to create a shortcut for the application on the desktop of your PC you will have to click on the check box for Create A Desktop shortcut.

Step 8: Now the installation of the application will begin. The installation may take a little time.

Step 9: After the completion of the installation of the application on your PC you will have to click on the Finish button.

 SHAREit for PC application

Configuration of SHAREit on your PC:

After completion of the installation of the application next you need to configure SHAREit on your PC. Here are the steps for the configuration:

Step 1: Once the installation is completed the application will get launched on your PC. On the first page you will have the Accept button for accepting the terms and conditions. You will have to click on this Accept button.

Step 2: The app window will now open on your PC. It will search for nearby devices.

Step 3: There is an arrow on the bottom right corner. You need to click on this arrow. A pop up window with your personal network password will come up. Make sure that you note down this password.

Step 4: Now you need to open the application on your smartphone. You can now send or receive data between the phone and the PC.

Step 5: On the bottom right corner there is Connect to PC button. You need to click on this button. A pop up window will come up. There you need to click on the Go button in order to start the connection. The application will search for your PC and you need to click on Connect.

Step 6: Now you will be prompted to enter the password. Enter the password that you had noted down in the Step number 3.

Step 7: After sometime you will receive a screen where you will get the option to send and receive data. The configuration procedure is now completed.

Configuration of SHAREit

Comparing the pros and cons of SHAREit:

Here are the pros of the application:

  • This application supports different platforms. This multiplatform support of the application is its major advantage.
  • It transfers different types of files. The best thing is that the user does not have to make use of a cloud storage to transfer the files.
  • It creates its own network and this application can even clone a device
  • It transfers the files at a very good speed

Understanding the cons of the application:

In case of new transfers the users will have to reopen the connection

  • One of the biggest problems is that the application may not always work. Sometimes it will just freeze and you will have to restart the application
  • You will find that proper instructions are also not provided

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SHAREit for PC is one of the best ways to transfer different types of files with ease between two devices. It is very easy to install and use this application and it supports different devices including like smartphones, windows PC etc. This is a hassle free way of transferring documents, videos, photos and many other things between two devices and you will not even need an internet connection in order to transfer the data. It does have a few drawbacks but overall it is a great application where the data is stored directly on your device. SHAREit has a large number of features and it supports different platforms easily. It does not have any complicated system requirements.

The popularity of this application is growing by the day mainly due to the ease with which it helps in transferring large amount of data at a very fast speed. If you too wish to take the advantage of this amazing application which allows you to transfer data without any cables and internet connection then just check if you have all the required system specifications for the application and then download and configure the application and you can start using the application right away. The application will create its own network between a maximum of 5 compatible devices and you will be able to transfer data like folders, files, photos, videos and many other things at the click of a single button.

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