Common Showbox App Error And Solutions

Common Showbox App Error And Solutions

Showbox is one of the most awesome applications allowing users to download or free stream TV shows and movies. This application works best for people who are completely bored of the lackluster sites available for free TV show and movie downloads. You not only get the option of downloading the Showbox app for Android but also for iPad and iPhone for the purpose of watching movies and TV shows. Showbox is amongst those top quality TV show and movie streaming applications ever developed for the Android platform. The matter of the fact is that it is probably the most well-known movie streaming application in the world. However, recently some users from across the world have come up with claims that they are facing problems with their Showbox app.

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Common Problems Faced by Showbox Users

Constant feedback reports from users lay stress on the point that recently there have been a few instances of Showbox not working properly on iPad Pro, iPhone SE/6S/6S Plus and Galaxy S7, Considering the claims and complains coming from users, there are different companies that have come up with tests ensuring that the users get practical solutions for all the major and minor work issues that they are facing with their Showbox app. The most common errors an issues faced by Showbox users include Showbox videos not available; Showbox server error; Showbox force close and Showbox connection error; file type not supported and Showbox update error. These are problems that generally occur when the application is not updated properly to its new version.

Dealing with Showbox Problems- Getting the Right Solutions

If you are facing Showbox work issues and you are not getting the right solutions for the problems that you are facing, then it might be a matter of deep headache for you. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that Showbox is one of the most popular online streaming applications thanks to its easy navigation and smooth user-interface. It is also the most talked about online streaming application that comes loaded with great many features available to the users absolutely free of cost. Also read the review on showbox APK

Fixing All Issues and Errors of Showbox

Some of the most common problems or issues of Showbox and their ultimate solutions have been enumerated below:

Error 1: Showbox Video Not Available, Try Another Server

This is one problem that Showbox users face on a common basis and the solution for this problem is:

  • Download any one of the VPN applications listed on your device.
  • Make the choice of the country as per your preference and try connecting via VPN.
  • Once you have a securely established connection, open the settings of Android app and try clearing all Showbox cache and data.
  • If you are successful in carrying out the above mentioned steps, you will find your Showbox videos loading perfectly fine.

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Error 2: Showbox Not Working

The solution for Showbox Not Working issue is downloading Showbox alternative. You have the option of going for detailed solutions for relieving yourself from this problem. But, before going for the solution, you can use MacX Video Converter Pro if you are dealing with Showbox not working problems. This Showbox alternative offers powerful online video downloading and converting facility allowing users to download free sound tracks, movie trailer, movies in 2d and 3D and other forms of music flawlessly. By using this Showbox alternative, users can also download 8K and 4K UHD videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube and other more than 300+ online websites and that too without degrading audio or video quality.

If you are not looking forward to using a Showbox alternative then you need to use the following steps for fixing Showbox not working problem.

  • Close Wifi in your device.
  • Go to Settings in your device.
  • Now go to App Manager
  • Here, you need to select Showbox app and click on the option that says clear cache and clear data.
  • Connect Wifi on your device and open the Showbox app all over again.
  • You will find it working perfectly fine without any dialog box appearing.

By fixing Showbox not working issue, users can easily enjoy some of the greatest features of the Showbox application. Another important thing is that you need to have a mobile device that is compatible with the Showbox app in order to use this app on your mobile.

Showbox Not Working

Error 3: Showbox Server Error

Showbox server error generally appears when the user loses connection with the server when updating Showbox. The best solution for Showbox server error would be simply uninstalling the update and using an earlier version of the app. You can avoid Showbox server errors simply by not going for app updates. The steps are as follows:

  • Get the list of all installed applications. Go to Settings.
  • Now click on the last tab to get the option that says More Settings and click on Apps entry, go down and select Showbox. Now click on the button that says Uninstall Updates. You also have the option of clicking Force Stop and uninstall the app.
  • Now get the list of installed apps and go to File Manager HD. Now click on the local menu and then click on Device. You can also go to System Folder and then Preinstall Folder. Now click and install the Showbox app.

This will solve Showbox server error.

The Bottom Line

Every application, irrespective of the fact that whether it is paid or free, requires regular update for fixing bugs and adding new features. There are no automatic updates available for Showbox since it is not available on Google play store. Therefore, it is essential for you to update the app on a regular basis so that it keeps working without giving any error messages. If proper update procedure is followed for this app, there is no other online live streaming application that will work as good as Showbox. It is one of the greatest online live streaming applications serving as the home to the entertainment requirements of people.

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