An insight into Exodus Kodi

An insight into Exodus Kodi

When Exodus Kodi comes to entertainment one thing that people just cannot miss out is Kodi. This is one of the easiest ways to watch movies and television. One of the most widely used addons with Kodi is the Exodus. This helps the users access their favourite online entertainment with ease.

A few details about Exodus Kodi:

This software is maintained by ace developers Lambada. It is one of the first choices in case of addons if you want to stream videos and watch movies. So, do you also want to enter a whole new world of entertainment where you can access your favourite television shows and movies with ease then you must first install kodi and then install the addon exodus.

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How to install kodi?

Here are the steps with the help of which you can download kodi on the your computer.

Step 1: First of all you need to go to the website and download the latest version of kodi

Step 2: You now need to install the software. For this you need to click on the file that you have downloaded.

Step 3: You will now get a window which has the Run option. Click on this option.

Step 4: You will now be prompted to go to the next page. Click on the Next button and let the installation of Kodi get completed.

Step 5 : Now you will get the Finish tab. Click on the tab and now you are through with the installation of Kodi on your computer.

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How to install Exodus?

Once the installation of Kodi is completed on  the computer the next thing that one needs to do is install the app exodus. The steps to be followed are given below:

Step 1:  You will first have to click on Kodi software that you have installed on your computer.

Step 2: Once the window opens the next thing that you need to do is to go to the gear button and opt for the Settings option

Step 3:  You will get an option called File manager. Click on this option

Step 4: At the bottom you will have the option of Add Source. Click on it

Step 5: Here you will see <None> Click on this and type the address

Step6: You can name this as Kdil. There are chances that this may get done automatically. Now click on Ok.

Step 7: It should be noted that if you have a firewall installed, then you may have to disconnect the firewall. Only then you will be able to access repo.

Step 7: Once you are through with this you will have to come back to your kodi home screen

Step 8 : Click on Add ons.

Step 9:  On the left side at the top there is a package symbol. You will have to click on this symbol

Step 10: Now you need to click on the option of Install from zip.

Step 11: Next step is to locate the Kdil FTP connection. Once you locate it click on it.

Step 12: Now you will find the option Click on this option to install the repository.

Step 13: Now once again you will have to go back to the install zip screen

Step 14: Once you are on this screen click on Install from repository

Step 15: Next locate the Kodisrael repository

Step 16: Click on this repository and once it opens click on video addons

Step 17: Locate Exodus and click on it and install it on your kodi.

Now that you are through with the installation of kodi and exodus all that you have to do is start using it for the streaming the best movies and television shows.

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A look into the advantages of Exodus Kodi:

  • One of the biggest advantages that this add on gives is that it gives a wide range of streaming options. You can check out a wide range of movies and television shows of American and International producers.
  • If you want on demand video-media, which is of superior quality then you have to start using Exodus kodi
  • The streaming quality if by far the best and you have the option of a large library
  • The updations are done on a regular basis. So, the chances of finding a dead stream are pretty less when you are using Exodus
  • As far as the menu and the browsing functions are concerned, you will find that gives plenty of options and it is the best. Like for Television you can see the content based on date, genre, the rating of show, the popularity of the show etc.
  • It also gives you the option to set up various accounts.

A look at the drawbacks of Exodus Kodi:

  • One of the drawbacks is that it has some of the categories in movies as well as television have limited options
  • The other drawback is that it is not live television. It will provide only on demand streaming option.
  • It does not have any documentary section. If it is documentaries that you are looking for then you will find that they offer limited choice and you will have to look out for the same elsewhere.

Exodus Kodi- Making news recently!

Exodus enjoys massive popularity and due to this this add on and its developer were at the receiving end and some adversaries attacked them. It seems the developer of Exodus whose real identity is not known was threatened by the adversaries that they will reveal his true identity if their demands were not met. It seems that the developer who is only known as Lambada inserted a code into Exodus and launched a DDoS attack on the website of the adversaries.  There was lots of discussion about this on the Kodi forum and Lambada said that he had to do it for self defence and if he is threatened legally then he will henceforth only focus on the legal add ons.

Problems with Exodus and its solutions:

Problem 1: No streams available

This may not actually be a problem associated with the add on. It may be that the website from where the streams are being sourced are down. It may also be that you are using an outdated version of the add on or there are some content filters due to which you are facing this issue. So, make sure that you use only the latest version of Exodus.

Problem 2: Exodus error message while loading Exodus

If you get this type of error then you must uninstall Exodus and then reinstall it again. Sometimes you will have to uninstall Kodi itself and then reinstall it again.

Problem 3: Buffering problems

It should be noted that buffering issue is not due to Exodus and you will have to troubleshoot and find the exact reason for this problem

Problem 4: Movies of only certain dates

Sometimes you will only see movies of a certain time and date. This means that there is a problem with the time and date settings you need to update it.

Problem 5:  The search function cannot be used

This problem was mainly seen in the older versions of Exodus. This problem does not occur in the new versions. So what you need to do is ensure that you make use of only the latest version of Exodus.

These are some of the common issues that one may face with Exodus. There are chances that you may encounter some other problems which you will have to troubleshoot and find a solution for the same.

problems with exodus kodi


One of the best add ons that you can use for Kodi is Exodus. Once you install Exodus Kodi you can easily watch movies and television shows. It has very good streaming quality and is one of the preferred add ons. It does have some minor problems and issues.  But most of the times it has been observed that this problem is due to the websites from where the video link is being taken or due to the use of older version of the add on or due to some system compatibility issues. Also you cannot watch live television with Exodus and it lacks documentaries for which a person may have to turn elsewhere.

But overall one can say that one of the best ways to watch movies and television shows on demand is with Exodus. The installation is easy and does not take much time and it opens the doors of a whole new world of entertainment. The identity of the developer of this superb add on is not known which has led to some controversies and attacks on Exodus and a lot of discussion about the same erupted on the online forums. But if you want a good quality streaming add on which provides you with some of the best options in movies which even includes pirated movies then you have to install Exodus on Kodi and start using it right away. Also get more information about kodi apps features.

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