Yes, Prisma is now available for Android!

Viral is the watchword nowadays when it comes to anything on the Internet, be it a video, an app or a feature. It means that the popularity of something is spreading like a viral fever. Pokemon GO started going viral soon after its inception, and now Prisma is another app that is vying for the status of a viral app. These two have created waves like no other app has, in recent times. Prisma’s effect was still a little restrained but after the launch of its Android version, it is now raging like a wildfire across the world.


There are many photo editing apps, to be more precise there are millions of them in the world. So why Prisma? It is because Prisma has come up with some features and functions that push it above everybody else. To give you a little gist, it transforms your pictures by adding filters, like all other photo editing apps but what differentiates this app from every other such examples, is that its filters impart effects to photos which turn them into masterpieces in the styles of the great art masters Picasso and Van Gogh.


It was available for iOS only, but now it is available for Android too. So, just download it onto your phone (BTW, it is only 15MB!) and allow the app to access your phone camera. Shoot a pic with the Prisma camera and instantly you can start adding filters and becoming a part of some legendary artwork.

The simple interface and the compact functioning of the app make you wonder at first as to how it has become such a rage. However, calm your nerves, fire up the app, snap a pic, and then choose from the 34 filters that are provided. The magic will then happen. “Creating Artwork,” that is what Prisma does in the name of editing. Once you see the results, you will know.

The filters are of varied kinds. Some are made for creating artwork out of faces while some are moreĀ appropriate for beautifying sceneries and landscapes. Whatever you edit in this app, though, looks better than the original. It is that good. Also, the artwork theme for editing is a revolutionary idea departing from the usual Sepia, Twilight and other modes that are available in most photo editing apps. You can also lessen or increase the intensity of the edit, thus putting everything in your hands. You might face a problem at times when a message will be displayed stating that Prisma’s capacity is full. It means the servers cannot take the load anymore. ItThis is because the developers had not thought that it would become so popular. However, steps have been taken by the owners of the app, the Russian Prisma Labs, who have assured that server capacity is being increased by the day, and therefore, this message should be less frequent in the future.

You can also edit and add filters to photos that are already on your camera roll. Sharing is also pretty smooth with instant sharing buttons for major social websites like Instagram and Facebook.


Prisma is thankfully out for Android now. It was launched on the 19th of this month and is seeing exceptional downloads. The apk is not available on Google Play yet, but some big tech sites are giving out the Version 1.0 of the Prisma for Android. It is an 8.31MB file that is being downloaded like never before. The official iStore count of the number of Prisma registrations has crossed 7.5 million. It is expected that the Android version will reach that milestone in a jiffy. So, go and get yours now. It is worth it!

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