Razer Go, the new Pokemon Go chat messenger

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You must be playing Pokemon Go. If you are not, then, you are missing out on one of the most viral games, ever. Pokemon gym trainers are currently ruling the world! If you have not heard of the game, then you at least must be knowing the original Pokemon TV series. Remember Ash Ketchum and his two friends who went on journeys together to catch Pokemons and battle with other Pokemon trainers. This game is basically a simulation of the TV series with the user becoming a gym trainer with Pokemons. It also promotes fitness and exercise because the aim of the game is to catch Pokemons, which in turn can be done by roaming around on streets. This game is so popular because it uses augmented reality to promote itself. You may find it a bit incredulous roaming around on streets, but I promise you that catching a Pokemon on the street is way more fun that you may not have ever imagined.

The fantastic thing about the game is that although it is based on virtual gaming, it also has some relation to the real world. I mean to say that you may just find a Pokemon prancing about in your bathroom or your office or even in the backseat of your car which makes it a fascinating and exciting proposition and one that is full of suspense as to where you will find the next Pokemon. The game is a very innovative one but like everything in the world it also has a bad side. It is very addictive and drains the phone battery like anything.  While playing the game people have also ended up in dangerous areas and also there were reports of violence when two or more players converged on a single location to pick up a Pokemon and got into an argument as to who rightfully owned it.

However, that did not stop anybody from playing the game and making it even more popular. The game has not been officially launched in all countries. It is only available for a few select countries now while the developers are working on increasing the reach of the game. Due to the developers not anticipating this kind of viral popularity, the game has not been able to reach out to every corner of the world, officially. It is being done in stages with the developers increasing the number of servers drastically to keep up with the increasing pressure caused due to its popularity. The game also has some shortcomings that other developers are overcoming by creating their own Mods and Hacks. From catching Pokemons while sitting at home to monitoring and hatching Poke-eggs with zero effort, there are every possible mods that the game now possesses, albeit unofficially. The latest among these unofficial hacks and mods is the Razer Go chat messenger which is an instant messaging app that Pokemon Go users can use to communicate with each other because the official app does not have one.

Razer Go, the new Pokemon Go chat messenger:

This new chat app that Pokemon Go users can use has been made by a developer called Razer. It is called Razer Go, and it will enable users to communicate with each other while playing the game. Razer Go web browser version recently launched on July 21st while its Android and IOS version will be out on July 25th. This chat is impressive because the developer has taken a lot into account while making it. Going by the popularity of the app there are three modes that users can use to chat with other players. The three modes include a local one which will enable players to communicate within an area of 3 miles; then there is a regional chat which will bring in players spread over 60 miles and the last one is a global mode which will include Pokemon Go users from all over the world. They will also be regional beacons which players can unlock to get chat rooms when they come upon it. All chats will be of 3 types. While one will be public, the other will be a team chat and the last one will be a private chat.

The RazerGo chat app seemingly appears to be a very impressive one with its array of features, but there are some apprehensions that users currently have about this app, the biggest of which is the extent to which it will blend seamlessly with the official version of the game.

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