Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: Catch Pokemons from home

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Pokemon Go is the newest game to go viral these days. It has really spread across the world and infected the smartphone generation with its addictive and exciting gameplay. The Augmented Reality concept that it uses is making waves in the smartphone manufacturing world with the fact being established that AR is the next step towards the evolution of smartphones. Also the gameplay, much like the actual TV show Pokemon promotes the user as a Pokemon trainer like the lead of the show Ash Ketchum, whom many people liked during their formative years. The Pokemon catching and more importantly doing it in unusual places in the real world makes the game something that others have not yet fully utilized.

Wherever games go, hackers follow, and Pokemon Go is no stranger to hacker haunting. Mods and cheats are also part of every game present in the world, whether it be on a PC, Nintendo, PS or a smartphone. These help the hardcore gamers progress quickly and the amateurs to override stages in the game that is too difficult for them to cross without external help.


Pokemon Go mods are rampant now. The only thing that is required is a jailbroken iPhone. If your phone is jailbroken and if you are a Pokemon Go addict, then there is no way you can stop as the fun is just beginning.

There is a new app called Pokemon Go Anywhere that allows users to sit at home or anywhere they want and still catch Pokemons! The point of the game was to simulate situations that Pokemon trainers underwent in the show and therefore, roam distant lands to get Pokemons but many people do not get that point, and others grow tired of all the walking. For them, this mod has been developed.

Users can just get the app on their phones and then fire it up. Once it is done, several options will appear that are not found in the regular game. You get a small button to walk even when you are not walking, and you can even run with this hack enabled!

Another mod called Pokemon Lock helps you play the game even when your screen is locked. If you are playing continuously, then you must get this app for yourself so that you can even play when your phone is screen locked. It also comes in really handy in front of your parents.


It is being said that in order to get Pikachu as your first Pokemon catch it is advisable to ignore the first five attempts of the game to get you to catch the starter Pokemon. Most of the time it has been noticed that Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander appear as the options.

Then there is the egg hatching solution. After you catch a Poke Egg, a player has to walk some distance after which the Pokemon is hatched. There is an option where you can drive or take any form of transport but if you simply do not want to run that hassle to just hatch an egg, then you can put it on top of anything that spins. A rumor was going around that if you kept it on a record player and let your phone spin, then the game would take it that you were moving around and your egg would be hatched. Another solution to this problem is if you have a pet. Take your pet, preferably a dog and strap your phone on its back. Let it run in an enclosed park and you do not have to move a muscle to hatch the eggs. But, be very aware and alert. Somebody could take the phone from the dog’s back with ease, so keep an eye on it. Also, you should be sure that your dog is not the type that runs off!

You could also sling a bag on two adjacent blades of your ceiling fan and keep your phone in it. Switch on the fan and you will hear the sound of eggs hatching! Like I said before, anything that spins or moves without you having to move is okay to hatch your Poke eggs for you.

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Is Pokemon Go the next virus that is going to grip the world?

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You may have seen people running around meaninglessly now and then, but you must have noticed that this incident is on the rise. If you follow carefully, you will find that most of these people are running with their faces glued to the phone. No, this is not a new type of selfie or anything. They are just indulged in Pokemon Go. This game, which is based on the original Pokemon TV series makes the user a trainer like Ash Ketchum used to be. The user’s job is to find Pokemons, capture them, upgrade them and fight gym battles or duel with trainers. Now, the question is whether Pokemon Go will strike it big. Going by the current popularity of the game it sure looks like it but on the other hand, it has not yet got a worldwide release and there are some other problems that are cropping up which may hamper its progress.

Pokemon Go Gameplay:

Remember Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon trainer who went on journeys with his two best mates in search of powerful Pokemons and gym battles and battles with other trainers in order to win badges. Well, you are placed in a similar position in the game. You have to go around looking for Pokemons and catch them with the Pokeballs when you do find them. In your quest, you also get other things to collect like the Pokeballs itself.

Pokemon Go takes control of your phone’s GPS and clock to find out where you are on the map and in accordance with your position, it will show you Pokemons that you can capture in and around where you are. It is the basic premise of the game. Unlike other handheld first person games, the map and movement on this one are completely different. It is partially because the game encourages a lot of travel. The more you move around different places and at various times, the higher probability there is to catch a Pokemon.

There are also Poke Stops which are like marketplaces for the trainers to get things. From Pokeballs to eggs, you also get Pokemons there. Based on the colour of these Poke Stops, the user gets to know what is present there. A pink glow denotes Pokemons. The game also offers battles against other players but unlike the original cartoon show, the battles are quite different. Instead of the four moves for each of the six Pokemons selected for battle, the action here involves around the stats that each Pokemon comes tagged with. The user only gets to dodge enemy attacks and instruct the Pokemons to attack.

The gameplay is innovative in the sense that it promotes the activities and aims that were present in the original show while getting it out on onto the real world. Finding out Pokemons at bus stops, on your friend’s lap or even in the office washroom is exciting. All those who dreamt about playing Ash Ketchum in real life are now fulfilling their dreams. This is one of the reasons the game has debuted on the Top 10 list of every device market, be it Android play store or iOS.


Augmented Reality: 

Let us now get down to the technical aspects of the game. The first and foremost reason this game might deliver an indelible effect on the games to come is Augmented Reality or AR. AR has the ability to put in virtual objects that can be manipulated in real environments. This is a new concept that is just beginning to grow. VR is already here. AR is just coming to the fore. With Android and all other device manufacturers moving higher on the rungs of development, AR will be the next big thing that all smartphones will have and therefore, this game is one for the future.

Play Time: 

This game has unlimited play time. Play Time means the highest amount of time that one can spend on a game in a session. Let us take Clash of Clans, one of the most popular games currently. You finished your loot, put all your builders to work and started the troop making process. You have little to do after that. You will again come back when the troops are ready. Pokemon Go is never-ending. The more you explore and travel, the pitstops will increase, and you will get new Pokemons and subsequently newer things to do. This factor which keeps users hooked is one of the most significant aspects of the game that has made it wildly popular right now. Retaining the users has also undergone a lot of brainstorming on the part of the developers. The real exercise that users get if they choose to walk invigorates many to keep at it. The unique positions that Pokemons are found roaming around; it becomes a challenge for the user to catch it. People like the strategizing part and Pokemon Go requires quite a lot of it. And then there is the competition. The more users gain expertise, the more they are enthused to carry on. Also, the perpetual presence of someone just better than the user keeps the competition alive and kicking.


Well, this is the most important thing. Money is power no matter how good or bad the game is. If your game is good but it does not make money, then it is useless. Pokemon Go, however, focusses on the money making part quite efficiently. The developers have put up multiple points in the game where the user can spend money for something. There are opportunities to extend capture sessions, get Egg Incubators, speed up growth and get Lure traps by simple payment of real world cash. It is, however, not mandatory. You can choose to pay and get ahead quickly, or you can travel the slow and steady way.


Following the runaway success of the game, there have been recent reports that could be troubling for the game itself as well as the developers. Some major incidents were reported where robbers lured their victims using the game, and a girl found a dead body in her quest for Pokemons! The thing is, with this AR thingy, it can get really messy. People could reach targets simultaneously, creating a dilemma as to who should capture the Pokemon. It is okay if the dilemma is between two rational and balanced individuals who can work out a compromise. But for aggressive people, it could really be a problematic situation.

There was also a recent case where hackers were using the game to get into the user’s system and steal credit card info and other sensitive data. It generally occurred when users tried to sideload the app into the system, which has been resolved now. The battery it consumes is also a big headache. Considering the game and the activity it requires, the app has to be open as long as the player wants to play, which in turn, leads to the quick drain of battery. But this is a common feature in nearly all big games and therefore is not much of a problem.

 Viral Verdict:

Pokemon Go ticks all the right boxes of the Android gaming world. Its take on the future, monetizing capabilities, user feedback, and gameplay has the potential to make it the king of the Android gaming world in the weeks to come. If they can work out the little chinks, here is our next viral game!

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