Two high end Nokia phones with Android Nougat coming soon!

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Heard of Nokia smartphones lately? Of course not! The phone giant is now a lost name in the smartphone generation. But recent reports suggest that two new high-end sets from the manufacturer are up and coming which will be featuring the latest Android Nougat operating system. The two new handsets will be manufactured by HMD Global; that is under contract for the next 10 years to produce Nokia phones. Going by the rumors arising from several significant sources the two phones will feature metallic bodies. The higher version may also have a polycarbonate shell.

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Expectations are not very great from the manufacturer as the Samsungs, Xiaomis, and the One Plus’ franchises are currently running the smartphone show. The two phones will supposedly have 5.2 and 5.5-inch screens. The display can be QHD or AMOLED, but nothing concrete has not come out yet. There has to be a fingerprint sensor which is now the norm with most handsets now. The addition of graphene, about which Nokia is currently researching now, may also be added which will make the fingerprint sensor one of the fastest acting. The camera, according to the rumors, is one of the selling points as Nokia is assumably going all out in this section, with a 22.6 megapixel one. We have already seen what the lower cameras of Nokia can do and therefore, this 22.6 MP shooter might provide good competition to other camera-centric handsets. The Android Nougat OS will be supported by a Nokia Z launcher to spice up the display and increase effectiveness.

The phones will be in the 30k-40k price range and is expected to come out in the later part of 2016. The scheduled date might be pushed back from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017 as the Android Nougat is still in testing and if Google takes more than expected time to come up with the finished version, 2017 will surely be the releasing year of the two new Nokia devices. Nokia CEO Rajiv Suri has promised that the new devices will be premium ones but has not said anything about the dates due to this dilemma.

It has been a while since Nokia made any waves in the smartphone department and it remains to be seen whether this attempt will be a small dive or a big splash on the part of the esteemed manufacturer.

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