Koush’s Inkwire makes screen sharing on mobile devices easy!

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Screen sharing apps are very popular nowadays. It helps people to access other people’s screens remotely so that problems can be solved even when there is a significant distance between the one who has the problem and the other who can address the problem. However, all these days, screen sharing apps were restricted to people using computers. Nowadays, with the advancement of the technological world, these apps are no longer restricted to computers only. A new app called Inkwire has now come about that offers screen sharing between Android devices. This app that has been conceptualised and made by famed developer Koushik Dutta aims to bridge the gap between screen sharing on PC and mobile devices. Nicknamed Koush, the developer has created many famous apps like Vysor, ClockworkMod, ROM Manager, and AllCast.

Koushik Dutta had recently gone on record stating that he was in the process of making a new app which would enable screen sharing on Android devices. Inkwire is the result of his work. With this app. people can access the phone screens of their family members, friends and even colleagues with the aim to solve a problem from afar. Vysor, which was Koushik Dutta’s last app, required a computer or ADB to perform its function of sharing a screen. Inkwire, as of now, is not entirely developed. It is only being tried as a beta version. There is work that is currently going on to make this app completely efficient. Independent app developers and tech support people would be the most benefitted from using this app as it is simple but highly effective. Koushik Dutta has also put in chat support so that users do not need to depend on third-party apps to maintain communication while solving problems.

How to use Inkwire?

Using the app is pretty simple and straightforward. Users can just join the Google Plus community and download the Android app from the Google Play Store. As soon as the download and installation are completed, the user can open the app and start using it. As soon as users fire up the app, they will find two options on the opening page. The first option will be to access the screen of another user, or there will be another option which will enable the user to share his or her own screen with somebody else. A code will be available to the user if he or she wants to share their own screen which, in turn, he/she will have to share with the person they are sharing the screen with. Vice-versa, if somebody wants to share their screen with the user, then they will have to share their code with the user. Also, both the users need to have the app installed on their phones.

If you are thinking that this app is perfect for you, then do not waste time and instead rush to the Google Play Store to get the app immediately. There are two things to remember before you go ahead and install this app. The first thing is that the app is still in development, and therefore, it might not work correctly all the time. The second thing is that there are some in-depth instructions that you must read through carefully before you get the app so that you do not face any problem while running it.  These guidelines are crucial, and you should read it because they come from the developer himself. One thing that you could do to help in the development of this app is you can provide feedback and reviews so that the app is perfect when it is completed.

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