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htc sense home

Like all premium smartphone companies, HTC also endeavours to provide something extra to its users so that they have a smooth and easy experience while using the company’s smartphones. These companies also like to combine usefulness with good looks so that the overall package is attractive for the users. The norm is to give out the normal Android package and along with it a software that users can utilise to customise looks and shortcuts so that the overall experience is great. HTC has such a tool called the HTC Sense Home that combines usefulness with visual appeal for the user. This tool that comes in the form of a widget helps users to get things at hand, be it files, apps or shortcuts. It uses the user’s location to decide where the user is and modifies the widget so that the appropriate choices show up.

How does HTC Sense Home work?

The HTC Sense Home works like a cover on the OS. Its usefulness quotient is unquestionable with its ability to assist the user in nearly everything. Most of all, the easy accessibility it offers is great. The user can get apps, media and news at the touch of a finger. The HTC Sense Home consists of a feature called BlinkFeed which offers a continuous stream of info, be it regarding news, music or media of any kind. It is customizable, and you can decide what you want to get in that feed. The HTC Sense Home also allows users to get Themes in order to make the interface colourful and dynamic.

You can just get latest social media info on your BlinkFeed by signing in with your social media accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. You can also the choose the news topics that you favour using other apps and RSS Feeds. Apart from that, users can also get info regarding new events that crop up near their locations. It will also feature nearby restaurants, cafes and bars while on the route like Google Maps does.

The Themes also come with a special feature. You do not need to be restricted to themes that are only available in the store. You can make your own themes in two simple and easy steps. You can choose the wallpapers, sounds and icons and fonts in order to create something that you want. The app comes with the Theme Maker that allows you to change all or a part of a theme with icon and sound packs enhancing the experience.

HTC Sense Home for Android:

Are you an Android user thinking that these beautiful themes and the highly efficient BlinkFeed are out of your grasp. Do not despair as there is a beta version of this app that can be accessed and used by Android users. The fully completed app will come around very soon, but you can just get the beta one from the Google Play Store and start off with your great experience.

The HTC Sense Home 8 has been launched for non-HTC phones. With this app, you will feel you are using the HTC 10. The interface is the same, and it will enrich your Android smartphone like no other. Apps can be moved and rearranged any way you want, from different locations to different folders.

HTC Sense Home comes by default on HTC devices unlike Android ones and therefore, might work more seamlessly for HTC handsets. Although HTC has not stated when it will come out with the complete version, it is going to be soon, it is expected. Keep checking this space for the latest info.

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