“Smashing” News: Gorilla Glass 5 will make your phone difficult to break!

gorilla glass 5

Here is some smashing news for you, Gorilla Glass manufacturers Corning recently let out a press release where the company claimed that the latest Gorilla Glass 5 is the best version of the product that has undergone 4 updates already. They have impressed on the fact that the Gorilla Glass 5 is nearly unbreakable, and therefore, users should not be too crestfallen if they drop their phones by accident or while clicking the perfect selfie. Cracked screens of phones were a regular occurrence when the smartphone generation reared its head. With time, it increased even more mainly due to selfie clicking. Whenever phones dropped from a height of more than the waist a cracked screen was inevitable. Then, Gorilla Glass came out about with its unique product which is now a regular on most smartphones, and the breaking lessened. This new product will make this occurrence very rare.

This press conference by Corning’s vice president and general manager, John Bayne was replete with facts, figures, and statistics. John reported that surveys had found 80% of all smartphone users drop their phones and in that, over 60% drop it from somewhere between shoulder and waist height, Now, manufacturing defects and presence of scratches on the screen work in increasing the tensile pressure so much that the screen cracks on impact. Corning has assured users that this new product will work wonders and that users need not be afraid if their phone dropped from a height but, that does not mean that the makers encourage it!

How is Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 made?

Corning’s Gorilla Glass manufacture process is similar to all other glass manufacturing processes. The essential difference lies in the fact that an ion exchange process is included in the whole cycle which imparts to the glass the required strength to survive falls. This exchange occurs when molten glass is put in a salt bath and heated to nearly 400 degree Celsius. The Sodium ions are replaced by Potassium ions which are significantly larger. The larger ions also take up more place and have the ability to put up with more pressure as compared to the smaller ones as they have the potential to get more compressed.

A significant factor in the manufacture of flawless cover glass is the fusion and the procurement of great material for which Corning is famous worldwide. Corning produces thin sheet glass for consumer application which has three major traits- one is the beautiful surface quality, the second is the unrivalled optical clarity and last is the dimensional stability. The testing that the glass undergoes also is very stringent. Corning’s R&D division puts all products under considerable testing simulating all real world conditions that the glass may have to endure.

A little Corning background:

There are many, in fact, most people do not know that Corning is perhaps the biggest name in the glass and ceramic industry. It is a US company that started way back in 1851 and is still ruling the roost, signifying its greatness. This is the company that made a glass cover for Thomas Alva Edison’s incandescent light. It is also credited with creating the first heat resistant glass cookware as well as the Cathode Ray Tubes for televisions of the past.

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