How is Here maps in comparison to Google maps?

google maps vs here maps

Here Maps is a mapping software that is owned by three big name car manufacturers, namely, Daimler, Audi, and BMW. It a navigation software that has cloud servers so that users can have access to it regardless of the device they are using. Here was at first called Navteq and was owned by Nokia till 2015. It was run side by side with Nokia Ovi Maps. Here Maps expansion to its availability in more than 100 countries has made it a rival of Google Maps and as such a comparison is essential for users to decide which one to get for their smartphones for great functioning and flawless compatibility.

Here Maps vs. Google Maps A Comparison:

  • Here Maps currently is available for 132 countries offline while Google Maps‘ exact coverage is yet unknown but it is thought to be more than the number of countries Here Maps covers (just a wee bit more).
  • Google Maps is more space consuming than Here Maps. If both of the maps are marked in the same area, the storage space required by Google Maps for offline viewing is considerably more than Here Maps.
  • Google Maps has this disturbing tendency to find out ways to switch on your Wi-fi or GPS in order to provide accurate information even when the user does not want it. Here Maps has no such problem. It is perfectly at ease with working offline.
  • Offline Google Maps only serve up the best car route from a place to a destination when viewing offline. It is a major hurdle as Here Maps, on the contrary, offers all three- Car Route, Walking Route as well as the Public Transport Route.
  • We are first talking about the offline capabilities because it is a very significant aspect. People can avoid roaming charges by using offline maps and also it inhibits battery drainage. Data connection drains much faster along with navigation, but the offline navigation does not do so because there is no use of data.¬†
  • While Google Maps came out with the ability to save maps quite recently, Here Maps had incorporated this function from its very inception. Google Maps also requires you to zoom into a place and then save it for future use while Here Maps comes with efficient and usable packages of places. For example, the offline map of California is 536.3 MB while the whole of America is 4862 MB. Similar packages are available for states like Arizona, Arkansas, etc.
  • The rendering of the 3D feature in Here Maps is mind-blowing. Google Maps is but a pale shadow as the former offers much better graphics and a well-detailed layout.
  • Google Maps has the edge over Here Maps in the navigation for stops and restaurants as it uses the parent Google site to coordinate the information and Google is the largest aggregator of information regarding all these things. Google Maps provides detailed info about hotels, restaurants and petrol refilling stations on the road.`


After the in-depth research, the conclusion that most will infer is that Google Maps will win hands down in every department except for the offline part where Here Maps with its downloadable map package is a clear winner. So if you are data less, go for Here otherwise Google is always there!

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