Google Camera comes out with Pause feature during video recording

Google Camera

A camera, as we all know is imperative for today’s smartphone generation. With the continuous evolution of smartphones, the camera has gained a very prominent position in the hardware of a smartphone. A greater increase in importance is of camera apps which have become indispensable for the functioning of a smartphone camera. There are many such camera apps that are popular right now, but people are gunning for those apps that come with cameras pre-installed in them. The biggest and perhaps the most famous of all these apps is Instagram, but there is also a new app on the horizon which is giving Instagram a run for his money. This is the newest viral app in town called Prisma. Following up close is a new competitor which will compete with these two in the days to come. Yes, I am talking about Google Camera.

The Google Camera was launched in 2014 and has since gone through a massive number of updates. The number of updates, however, did not make it very special like the other famous camera apps. Since the start of editing software for camera photos, people started yearning for editing apps with in-app cameras. The Google camera app did not make any noticeable waves after its inception because it did not have any special features which would attract users to download and use it. Google, however, seems to have learnt its lesson and has now come up with a new and exciting feature that not many apps can boast of. The new and most recent Android software called Android Nougat, or Android N will feature the Google Camera with video pausing ability. Users can fire up the app and start recording videos on it. The interesting thing is that if the user feels the need he or she can pause the video recording and then resume it later. This feature is the one that the smartphone generation wanted for a long time, and it is finally here, thanks to Google camera.

How to use the Google Camera?

So how do you use this feature? As soon as you start recording your video, you will notice an extra button on the right-hand corner of your screen. That is the Pause button. The Play and Stop buttons are present in the middle as they usually do. It must have happened that you found you need to stop the video for a few seconds and then resume recording again. Earlier that was not possible, but Google Camera has come out with this feature that is very rare in the Android world right now and might make it very popular among the smartphone generation. You may now easily start recording a video, pause it in between, change your location or resume the video at a different time, depending on your convenience.

Google Camera has also reportedly found a new way of securing and guarding homes. In collaboration with a company called Nest, Google is taking pre-orders of home security cameras. These cameras will use a Google algorithm in order to send a notification to a user’s smartphone if the camera detects any irregularity. People may be apprehensive that their phone will keep on buzzing through the day even if a fly moves in front of the camera but Google has taken care of that with a program that can efficiently distinguish between ordinary everyday events and burglars breaking into a house. So, the only time a user will get a notification is when there is any real danger to their homes.

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