CartoonHD: If only it had been legal!

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CartoonHD sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, it is the one with all the controversies surrounding it. For the uninitiated, Cartoon HD is one of the biggest movie and TV show streaming apps that originated back in 2014. It created an uproar because it launched in Apple’s iStore and then Google Play Store but some time later was found to be completely illegal (still is!) as it streamed and displayed content without the right permissions. It made a name for itself because, firstly, it tricked both the tech giants Apple and Google to think it was legal and allow it into their respective app marketplaces. Secondly, it became wildly popular because it streamed content absolutely free without any registration or signing in hassles.

CartoonHD came to be known as the Illegal Netflix because of the similarity in their looks and their functions. This app is currently not to be found in any marketplace but is available on the Internet (like most things do!). You type in CartoonHD, and you will see millions of results where websites are offering it to you.


Anyway, moving away from that, let us now see legal or illegal aside, whether CartoonHD is any good.

If you open CartoonHD directly on your PC browser, you will see that the first page has a white background where the movies and the TV shows are all arranged in the form of rows in a clear and concise manner. The categories also contribute to making the website very crisp and to the point. The categories are very helpful because they are curated with simple logic. You will get iMDB top picks, Currently popular movies, Currently popular TV shows, Most popular movies and Most popular TV shows among many others.

Another surprise that will greet you is that you will not encounter any sign-up or registration hassles. You can just visit the site and start watching anything you want and that also in SD or HD quality, depending on your choice. You get to choose the source from where you want to stream the videos. As soon as you click on the thumbnail you desire to watch, you will be taken to another page where there will be a gist of the show or movie along with pictures of the cast and the director’s name.

The Search feature of the website is very powerful. You will get the exact thing you search for, and the keyword matching is also exceptional. Moving on to the content, the CartoonHD library is massive nearly giving all the big ones a run for their money. The cartoon and animated content are unrivaled due to which its child viewers are very attached to CartoonHD.


If you think CartoonHD is perfect for you and you want to get it as an app, then options are available for you to download it from the Internet directly and install it. You have to disable the Unknown Sources from Settings and Security and then install it. For systems other than Android, you have to get an Android emulator.

You have to be careful in the case of apps as they may be modified by cyber criminals, and since a trusted site is unavailable, you have to be careful wherefrom you are downloading it. The best bet, is, therefore, to watch it on the website itself.

Once you visit the CartoonHD site, you will know that this is one of the very best if only it had been legal.

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