There are other cool AR apps apart from Pokemon Go

cool ar apps

It is useless to ask if you know about Pokemon Go. This viral app has been creating waves since the day it was launched and at present is one of the most downloaded games in the history of apps, be it Android or iOS. A unique feature about Pokemon go is that it relies on Augmented Reality to function. You may not be knowing that Augmented Reality has been in place for making apps since a long time back. Pokemon Go is not the only AR app that is available on the market right now, but it has certainly enhanced the popularity of AR apps and is currently making a foundation for more such apps to come through.

So let us take a look at some other cool AR apps that are currently available in app stores right now.

Cool AR Apps other than Pokemon Go:

  1. Blippar– Blippar is one such app that helps in really knowing the world around you by ‘blipping’ objects. It is an educational app that provides you information about everyday things and materials that you encounter. For instance, if you fire up the app and point it towards your dog then the app will immediately provide you information about what a dog is, how it came into being, the breed of the dog and so on. Blippar also has its own publication called the Brainspace Magazine which when viewed using Blippar might surprise you with some amazing pictures and animation and videos jumping right out of the page!
  2. Ingress– Niantec, the company which made Pokemon Go also made a game called Ingress which is quite similar to Pokemon go but is more complex in its gameplay. Both of these games are based on AR and the difference between them is that while Pokemon involves capturing Pokemons Ingress is all about getting portals scattered in the world. Ingress revolves around creating a territory along with your team. The bigger your territory is, the higher you rank.
  3. Yelp– Yelp, also called Monocle, maybe the oldest AR app ever. It debuted in the iStore store seven years ago. It works on the principle of a map but with the help of your smartphone camera. If you fire up the app and point it towards any shop or establishment, you will see a rating, the kind of service the establishment offers, contact information and much more. It has all the information superimposed on the world and which is displayed on your phone screen.
  4. Star Walk– Star Walk is one such app that is concerned with the galactical and astronomical entities around us. This app is selectively only for a few people, the ones who are budding astronomers or astrologers. This app is perfect for star gazing and is very useful to spot heavenly and celestial bodies like stars, planets, satellites, etc. It also provides a 3D rendering of planetary nebulae and constellations which enhance the immersive quality of the app.
  5. Zombies, Run– Zombies, Run is the app which most similar to Pokemon Go. In this game, you also have to roam the streets for packages and other things that you have to gather to protect a civilisation with you as its only saviour.

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