The real deal is here: Prisma available on Android!

One of the two most viral apps now, Prisma has finally arrived on the Android scene in a complete and well-rounded form. In other words, it is officially available on the Android app store. No more beta versions and the associated niggles and glitches. This app made by the Russian Prisma Labs came out in the iStore at first. But, with its resounding success, the developers made up their minds to launch it for as many platforms as possible. The Android beta version was first released. But as is the case with most beta versions or the “yet to be fully developed versions” it had some drawbacks. Considering the multitudes of photo editing apps, this app would just have been another one, but it has some qualities that have augmented its popularity in a short time.


For the uninitiated, Prisma is primarily a photo-editing app. You might say that there are other app like this, so why choose Prisma? Well, this app has a unique feature that other apps do not provide. It edits photos in an offbeat way. Offbeat as in, after a Prisma edit, your photo will look like it has been painted by a master painter. It derives this art style from the great masters Picasso and Van Gogh. Impression, Curtain, Running in the storm, and Mondrian are some of the many filters that you will get, unlike the filters in other apps like Black and White, Sepia, Twilight, etc.

Only filters have not made Prisma what it is currently. There are other factors that have also worked to its advantage. One of the biggest is that in spite of turning pictures into complex works of art, its user interface is relatively straightforward and easy to use. You just have to pick a picture to edit and then select the perfect filter to apply. It will take some time to work the magic, so be patient. You could also use the in-app Prisma camera to make your capture and edit process more streamlined and smooth. The ability to share the photos on social media easily makes Prisma the all-in-one app that everyone desires.

A note to make is that, sometimes, while using the app you may get a message that reads, “Too many people using Prisma right now.” Do not fret too much about that since the message will go away and the app will start working normally after a short time. It happens because the Prisma developers obviously did not anticipate such popularity and now they are short of servers to support the pressure. Prisma is an app that has been fixed in the most downloaded app list since its inception. Over 500 million photos have been edited using the app and it has been downloaded over 10 million times with a figure of more than 2 million daily users, according to statistics.

The popularity of the iOS app which was released first made Android users shout out for an Android version of the same and now it has been officially released, so go ahead and enjoy!

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