Poke Radar, the newest Pokemon Go helper

The name as well as the game Pokemon Go is doing the rounds all over the world. It is a game that has caught the fancy of most of the smartphone carrying generation, and its virality has even compelled people from other age groups to join in the fun as well. There are several key factors resulting in the game being an instant success so much so that the game developers had to install more servers to deal with the pressure that resulted because of its instant popularity. The developers are still at it!

The game is really popular because it uses the AR concept very well and it is also among the very first apps that are using the said concept. It is fascinating for everyone around to find things that only appear on phone screens moving about in the real world. But with the unexpected popularity it has gained, there are some problems that are slowly cropping up. The biggest among them is the availability of Pokemons. The repetition of the same Pokemon multiple times during a single day hunt is telling on a player’s frustrated mind.

How does Poke Radar work?

That is why this new app has come around that helps the gamers in a great way, to determine what Pokemon is available and where it is available. The Poke Radar is an app that shows a player where a Pokemon is located on a real-time map. This app, though, is user-fed. It means it will only show info if a user inputs anything in it. If the app receives proper data, then users can get to see which Pokemons were found in which place on the map. Currently, there is no Android version for the Poke Radar, but the developers have assured that an Android version will be out soon enough along with the iOS version which is currently available on the market now.

Once a player travels to a place and gets a Pokemon, he/she can pin the location on the map which, in turn, will show other users of the app where a Pokemon was found. There is a dedicated Pin button which one can use to tag the location. However, this system of working also has its problems. Many people could misuse it just for the fun of it by tagging wrong places. Some could also do it to mislead competition. There is also a solution to that. Each player pin will have their name on it and therefore, others could downvote if they find a player creating a nuisance for others. If a player correctly sends all the information then the user can get all the positive votes and therefore, create a community which could help each other out.

Another new app that has come about is the Poke vision. This app is similar to Poke Radar as it also helps in finding Pokemons by crowd-sourcing. But like the Poke Radar, it also does not provide any particular settings to filter Pokemons thereby, giving up everything to blind luck and chance. With time more apps will come around with more advanced functionalities to make the search for Pokemons much easier. For the time being, though, this is what we have to use to get the most from this game.

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