Playbox Reviews- What Make Playbox HD App Amazing

Play Box is a free movie streaming app that allows you watch movies, serials and TV shows. The app is so far one of the best film streaming App, similar to Showbox HD app. Actually, in this article, we wanna discuss PlayBox HD with no stone unturned. We will talk about its media content, design, features, streaming quality, availability and of course the merits and demerits.

Media content

PlayBox HD app consists of different collections of movies, TV serials, and TV shows that you can stream online for free. There are various collections of latest and old movies that you might get so confused when choosing one to download and watch but don’t worry the App has that covered for you with its magnificent design to help you decide what you want to watch easily. You can also watch cartoons and anime with the App, sounds like fun right?


First I wanna discuss on the theme; the PlayBox HD white and the purple theme is very lovely, I mean it’s beautiful; you need to check it out too. On the main app screen, you will find two sections: the hot and new section. These parts consist of new and trendy movies, serials and TV shows you might wanna stream on your device. To navigate between the sections, you can just swipe right or left simple, right? There is a button (search button) that allows you search for movies. Sometimes you get confused on what movie to choose, but like I said the app design has you covered with its button that allows you to filter movies by their different genres. There is also a “kids mode” in the settings menu that makes you decide if you want to stream kids movies and shows or not.

Playbox HD


  The PlayBox HD has amazing features; some are listed below:

  • Search media by release dates, popularity, and genre
  • Regularly updated database
  • Unlimited TV shows, serials and movies online in high quality
  • Hidden kids mode
  • Streaming quality changes due to the strength of network connections

Streaming Quality

Unfortunately, the streaming quality depends on the strength of your network connections, so if your network connection is bad, the streaming quality may not be that good too. New movies are only available in 360pixels and 720pixels resolution. However, should you prefer streaming movies in full HD, you can easily download the old movies.


Really! You can’t install the PlayBox HD from the Google Play Store, but you can download it from the internet as you need to do a search for “download Movie HD App” on the web. The app also supports chromecast to view your movies on a big screen.

Merits and Demerits of the App

Now here we have to look at the pros and cons of the app.


  • No pop-up ads
  • You can download and keep on your device
  • It is free
  • Your network determines the streaming quality


  • It doesn’t sync across devices
  • On some occasions, there are watermarks on the black bars of the movie you are watching
  • The Android application doesn’t support local language option.

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