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Everybody knows that getting an iPhone means a few bucks have to be spent every month in order to get new apps and a few more in order to get some in-app purchases. It is more like a high maintenance gadget that is irresistible. You know you will end up spending more than a premium Android of the same cost, but the brand name is enough to throw logic out of the window. However, for those who depend on discounts and sales, much like me, there is some good news. There is a sale currently in the Apple iStore where paid apps have been made available for free download for your iPhone.


Remember that these iPhone apps are on sale for a limited period which nobody knows. So it may be free for a day, an hour or even a week. If you find a price beside the Get button, then be assured that the sale has ended. Be very careful about getting an app from this list as the sale might have ended. If it has not, then, it is your lucky day.

1. The Remote Drive app that usually costs around $3.99 is on sale. This app works like TeamViewer if you know what that is. If you do not, Remote Drive is a very useful app to have on your iPhone or iPad as you can access anything on your MAC through your handheld device. If you suddenly feel the need to get anything from your MAC while it is not with you, just fire up this app and browse through your MAC contents and download the required file, whether it is a music file, a video or image. Documents and other files are also accessible.

It is a remote way of travelling with your MAC in your pocket. Apart from the downloading part, you can also upload anything you want to save to your MAC, thereby reducing chances of losing data if you lose your phone or any such mishap occurs. Sensitive information which you may not want to travel with may be uploaded to your MAC too, or you can simply back it up.

2. AfterCam is another app that is on the iPhone sale currently. This app usually costs about $0.99, but it is free now. AfterCam helps you shoot those split second moments that are sensational but generally happen when we are not ready with our video camera or other such recording apparatus. It also happens that we record hours of something that may consist of something fantastic but at the end, nothing happens rendering the effort and the pressure on the memory card useless.

What AfterCam does is that it keeps recording an event where you think something is going to happen, but it commits nothing to memory. When you see something that is worth recording, you have to press a button, and AfterCam will start saving the video from 5, 10 or 20 seconds earlier, according to your choice. You can also take still pictures while a video is being recorded which is a very useful feature. Its Flip feature is also excellent as it lets the user record with both hands, be it the left or the right.

3. Next, we have the Recipes Cookbook in the iPhone sale. It costs $0.99 on other days but during the sale it is free. Remember, though that this app does not come with recipes as the name may suggest. It is more of a recipe organiser. It comes with a beautiful and attractive design and stores all your recipes very efficiently. If you are a cook professionally or even an amateur with a number of recipes that you have created, you can just store them in this app.

It comes with easy creating, organising, and editing of recipes. It also has small tools that help in your cooking, tools that seem unimportant but are actually very helpful when the actual process of cooking takes place. It has a weight converter on the side as well as a feature that prevents the phone from locking or dimming. It has recipe sharing facilities and voice commands are also available.

4. Draw Calendar costs $2.99 usually but now it is free of cost. It is just a spin-off of the conventional calendar as in it allows you to sketch and write on the calendar itself instead of the monotonous process of entering your reminders, invitations, birthdays and anniversaries and other such things that you usually chalk up on a calendar. It has a very clear and precise interface which makes it efficient as well as fun with clear demarcations for months and days and options to arrange and set how the calendar must look like. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that once you input your entries and update the calendar, your schedule is automatically synced to your devices.

5. Now let us look at a fun app that is on the sale, after all the seriousness of the scheduling and recipe making. Fake Moustaches is an app that usually costs $0.99 but now, of course, it is free. Going by the name you can well understand that this app will help you create fake mustaches anywhere and everywhere and also of all kinds. Want to troll a friend or seriously look good with a stubble? This app can do both.

There are hundreds of beard styles to choose from, and the app has been created with painstaking detail such that the beards all look real when you put them on someone. There is The Hollywoodian, The Chin Curtain, The Goatee, The Balbo, The Van Dyke and many others. The list simply does not end. That is not all by the way. You have other options too. You can dye the beard with any colour you desire, the app will automatically place the beard in the right position if you do not wish to do it, the app uses a hair-to-hair technique to make the beards, which impart a very genuine look. It also only requires you to get a beard and stick it anywhere in any picture. It is an app that is great fun and also very cool if used correctly.

6. In continuation with fun apps, Insta Rage Me is one of the most popular apps that ever graced the iOS app store. It cost $0.99. With this, you can add memes to your photos with texts or you can create your own memes. Either way, it is hilarious. You also get creative filters as well as professionally designed stickers in this app which makes it amusing. You can directly get your phone to use the app’s camera, or you can load photos from your camera roll. There are many filters, effects, and features to choose from.

Sharing is also very easy as it comes with Sharing buttons so that once you create something funny, you can get your friends to join in the laughter. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Text, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and Save to Photo album are all options that you can use to save your creations. The text and font options are also incredibly amusing considering the memes that can be added to it.

7. Then there is the iPhone Storyline app that usually costs around $1.99 but is free due to the sale. It is a beautiful and efficient app that makes stories out of photos. You get to choose 20 of your best photos, and then they run in small slideshow whose background score and the per-slide time limit is also maintained by you. The sharing is, as usual, very easy. The audio and video quality are also very great. It has a very simple and straightforward user interface that enables the user to perform the functions easily and fluidly without any hassle.

The Storyline videos are also very easy to make and are created in no time at all. The videos also do not require separate saving. Once they are created, the app automatically saves a copy of the video. Family stories, weddings, social events, vacations can all be made even more special with this app in hand.

8. The app that costs the highest in this list of paid apps for free is Music.io. It usually costs around $9.99. It is a tapping music game. It is simple, much like Slither but is also very addictive. It gives users the ability to fiddle and play with their own music as well as other soundtracks. It supports dynamic lyrics and also has a very beautiful gameplay along with a great layout which can adjust according to the screen of the device the user is playing it on. It provides HD quality sound and also supports offline play.

9. Last but not the least is one of the most important iPhone apps that all grownups need as well as teenagers. It is the Budget and Expense Tracking app. Most people are happy when the month starts and their accounts are full but slowly find themselves at wit’s end by the end of the month thinking where all that money disappeared. So, everybody needs this and since it usually costs $2.99, now is a great time to grab the app when it does not even require peanuts to buy.

It has a budget feature that will help you determine what is the right amount of money that you can spend per month; it has a day-wise money spending calendar so that you can easily track what you spent and on which day, reports are available instantly on request, the cloud storage that it provides ensures that your spending data is protected, and it also has the option of importing Excel sheets so that you can do some complex calculations on your MAC and then get it on your phone. Apart from that, users also get the ability to create and edit categories according to their needs, and there is also a currency converter on the side so that you can convert and exchange in a jiffy.

So, here is the list of apps that come in the Paid section usually but are now available for free in the iStore. All of them are very efficient functionally and are apps that rightly do not come for free. However, since you have got the opportunity to get them, go and grab as many of them as you can.

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