Google Phone app now comes with Spam Caller Blocking

We have all heard of TrueCaller, especially in the third world countries where telemarketing and other such nuisances are a significant irritant. You must have faced it yourself. You are waiting for an urgent call, perhaps an interview call from a company, a call from your boss or even a call that would remove your “single” status! Suddenly a call comes but you find yourself talking to somebody offering you insurance or loans or credit cards. It might make anybody flip out especially if they are busy. That is why caller id software which warns you beforehand. Google has identified this problem as a major one which users should not have to face and therefore, has come up with an app called the Google Phone which will identify spam callers and will warn you.

It is not like there are no laws regarding this. Most countries have actual laws about telecalling and telemarketing, but the implementation and enforcement of these laws are a big question. They are in place, but no stringent action is taken regarding them as these callers keep on finding ways to get to users even if they are barred from calling. New generation Android phones and Nexus handsets all will come with this ability to detect spam callers inbuilt in them. Even Apple with its iOS 10 software release promises such a system.

How does Google Phone work?

Google, which has the biggest database of businesses worldwide, will offer excellent protection with its thorough knowledge and it will identify potential spam callers from user feedback. When such a number calls your phone, the screen will go a dark red and the name Suspected Spam Caller will light up on your screen. After the call, whether you pick up or not, you can decide what to do with the number. You can either block it, or you can approve it if you need it later.

This feature is inbuilt with many Android and Nexus devices, but if you desire it, then you can get it for your phone as an app instead of waiting for Google to push it to your device. The current version is 4.0.127222140.

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