Playbox Reviews- What Make Playbox HD App Amazing

Play Box is a free movie streaming app that allows you watch movies, serials and TV shows. The app is so far one of the best film streaming App, similar to Showbox HD app. Actually, in this article, we wanna discuss PlayBox HD with no stone unturned. We will talk about its media content, design, features, streaming quality, availability and of course the merits and demerits.

Media content

PlayBox HD app consists of different collections of movies, TV serials, and TV shows that you can stream online for free. There are various collections of latest and old movies that you might get so confused when choosing one to download and watch but don’t worry the App has that covered for you with its magnificent design to help you decide what you want to watch easily. You can also watch cartoons and anime with the App, sounds like fun right?


First I wanna discuss on the theme; the PlayBox HD white and the purple theme is very lovely, I mean it’s beautiful; you need to check it out too. On the main app screen, you will find two sections: the hot and new section. These parts consist of new and trendy movies, serials and TV shows you might wanna stream on your device. To navigate between the sections, you can just swipe right or left simple, right? There is a button (search button) that allows you search for movies. Sometimes you get confused on what movie to choose, but like I said the app design has you covered with its button that allows you to filter movies by their different genres. There is also a “kids mode” in the settings menu that makes you decide if you want to stream kids movies and shows or not.

Playbox HD


  The PlayBox HD has amazing features; some are listed below:

  • Search media by release dates, popularity, and genre
  • Regularly updated database
  • Unlimited TV shows, serials and movies online in high quality
  • Hidden kids mode
  • Streaming quality changes due to the strength of network connections

Streaming Quality

Unfortunately, the streaming quality depends on the strength of your network connections, so if your network connection is bad, the streaming quality may not be that good too. New movies are only available in 360pixels and 720pixels resolution. However, should you prefer streaming movies in full HD, you can easily download the old movies.


Really! You can’t install the PlayBox HD from the Google Play Store, but you can download it from the internet as you need to do a search for “download Movie HD App” on the web. The app also supports chromecast to view your movies on a big screen.

Merits and Demerits of the App

Now here we have to look at the pros and cons of the app.


  • No pop-up ads
  • You can download and keep on your device
  • It is free
  • Your network determines the streaming quality


  • It doesn’t sync across devices
  • On some occasions, there are watermarks on the black bars of the movie you are watching
  • The Android application doesn’t support local language option.

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Lucky Patcher Apk Download for iOS Devices – iPhone | iPad working trick

Why you need lucky patcher for your iOS devices? And yes you were wrong other than Android devices lucky patcher works on Apple devices too. here i am reveling this cool trick-

Today when looking into the Google play store some apps are fascinating, and you’re addicted to them, and as a result, everyone uses or would like to use them. However, the main thing keeps us from using those apps is that we should make in-app purchases.  To be more precise we have to pay for getting services of those apps; this is quite risky as these days the trend of hacking has gone high up in the graph and it possible that your payment details may get hacked. So there arises the biggest problem, and that is people often hesitate to make in-app purchases. Well now you should keep your worries aside, as it has become possible to use those paid apps for free, yes you got me right, it is going to be free.

lucky patcher for ios

With the help of an amazing app, you can easily make use of that paid app for free and not only this, the trend of these useful apps is increasing day by day. By now you must be excited to know about this app and get it quickly installed on your device, well for that you need to read the complete article so that you get the complete information about this application. So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Have you started searching for this app on play store? If you have proceeded, then take a note of one thing that this app is not officially available on the play store, so to install this app on your device, you got to make sure that you have the Apk file of this application downloaded. You must know that Apk files can only be used (run) in Android devices.

  • Now you have to install this on your iOS device, for that firstly you have to download another app called iPadian for your iOS device.
  • After downloading iPadian, you need to search for this app which is known as Lucky Patcher. Let me tell you another important thing that iPadian is an app store for iOS which allows you to download this kind of apps.
  • So now after making a search for the app whether it is available there, you might get the result, and you have the results positive, all us know what move to make next, yes you have to install it on your iOS device and if it asks for permission then just verify it from the settings.
  • Now, you have the tycoon, the Lucky patcher on your phone, so you can say that you are now the boss of your smartphone, you can make in-app purchases for absolutely nothing that means free, get rid of the annoying ads that pop up, if you wish to modify some of your apps you can do so easily.
  • So now you have the ultimate trick to Install Lucky Patcher on your iOS device, so what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and get the app now. Just get it today so that you can enjoy those amazing apps for free, and also you are going to make your friends jealous by showing them you are using those amazing paid apps for free.

One thing is for sure that we all have faced the problems of stupid ads that pop up suddenly while we are using any app and that’s irritating whenever we are working on the internet. Also, you must have come across the problems like unwanted downloads start of an app that too without our permission. These are the few basic problems that we usually face when we are using the internet. So these problems will no longer irritate you because Lucky patcher doesn’t allow it, so now use apps hassle free without unwanted ad irritation.

Lucky Patcher has several features and trusts me all of them are worth it; they help you to easily remove all those unwanted apps that irritate you like anything especially when you are focussing on some work on the internet. It assembles every bit of information regarding the apps and thus helps you to find whether the app is worth it or not for download. It gives some basic information about the apps like how much space it is going to consume, whether it will be stored on your SD card or phone memory itself. It helps you to acquire the working quality of your phone. Well, this tutorial was for Lucky Patcher Apk download for the iOS device, we have learned how to use the apk file easily on the iOS device. We will come up with more info updates on Lucky Patcher App, so get your lucky patcher app on your iOS device now and enjoy those apps free which have to purchased. You can ask us if any query you have, our expert team will help you out at the earliest hour.


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Lucky Patcher for iPhone

If you are an iPhone or an iPad user, there is no doubt of the fact that you feel sorry for most of the useful applications on the iOS app store come at some pretty substantial prices. In most of the cases, you have to be content with the free version of the application or the trial version which will stop working once the trial period is over. Well, there is a solution to the issue that you are facing here. You can easily use Lucky Patcher for iPhone and iPad and get to use all the premium applications for absolutely free.


Before we get into how to get Lucky Patcher for iPhone, let us just take a look at all the features that the Lucky Patcher application gives you. Lucky Patcher is a simple application that allows you to use the premium versions of the apps for free. Besides, the application also allows you to modify the access permission that each and every application takes on your device, removes the annoying advertisements from your applications. The Lucky Patcher application also allows you to back up your applications and even restore those applications in case of any loss. Thus now, you can visualize the significant impact that the Lucky Patcher will have on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install Lucky Patcher for iPhone

iOS does not allow you to install third party applications directly on the device. You are in good luck in case your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. But in case your device is not jailbroken, you do not need to feel bad about it. All you need is an application that allows you to use third-party apps on your iPhone or iPad. You can download such a request directly from the iOS app store. Now let us go through the simple steps to get Lucky Patcher for iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: For non-jailbroken users, download and install an application that allows you to install third party applications on your iOS device.

Step 2: Search for Lucky Patcher on iOS app store and click install.

Step 3: Considering the strict security that iOS has, the download might fail once or twice. (Do not forget you are downloading and attempting to install a third party application on the device, which is not supposed to be. Thus, iOS will do its best to stop the download. Please be patient here.)

Step 4: Once the download is done, wait for the application to get installed and allow the permission that it needs.

Step 5: You are set to use Lucky Patcher on iPhone and iPad.

Once installed, you will now be able to remove advertisements from applications, patch trial versions of the applications and use the premium version for free and much more. Although there are a few alternatives to Lucky Patcher for iPhone and iPad, there are not a lot of applications that are as competent as Lucky Patcher. So to use all the paid sections for any application, Lucky Patcher is the one to go for.

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Lastpass Password Manager Latest Release for iPhone & Android- Get it & Use it

LastPass is a free password manager that was primarily built for web browsers but is now available on most devices including iOS and Android. LastPass creates a Master Password and then stores a user’s different passwords for different sites. It is useful for people who are forgetful or have too many accounts online to keep track. The advantage of LastPass over others is that most of the useful features that it has can be easily accessed via a free account. You can sync it on multiple operating systems on one device like Windows, Mac and Linux or iOS, Android or Windows but in order to sync it on multiple devices, you need to pay up. 

How does Lastpass work and how to use it?

You have to download the LastPass software and install it. If you are an existing user you know the drill. If you are a new user, then you first have to create a strong master password that no one will be able to guess. You will also be prompted for a password hint. Make it very cryptic and something that is unique to you. You can find a list of such questions on Google if you have no idea what question to give.

LastPass has thankfully come up with a new option to provide you with a one-time recovery password in an encrypted manner and then send it to your email id for safekeeping. This is much better than the old days when you would have to get the program uninstalled and then installed again, by chance if you had lost the password as well as the password hint accompanying it.

As soon as you are done LastPass integrates with the browser you use most and then starts storing your passwords. As soon as it is done, the passwords are locked away, and you only have one master password for logging into any website of your choice. This is the password you created at the beginning. LastPass also provides added functions like it disposes of the passwords that are in not so secure locations elsewhere on your computer or any Internet site. 

Through the password vault, you can log in anytime and arrange your passwords in accordance with necessity. The sites and their passwords are stored securely in the LastPass security vault. You can perform bulk actions like moving them into folders or just deleting them.

LastPass also has a useful feature where you can pass on your passwords to your contacts in case of any accidents. There is a wait time after which the user you designate will receive or can gain access to your passwords. If by chance, the user tries to access it before the time lapses, you will be notified. You can also modify your ‘People I Trust’ list.

Another important feature is the shared password function. If there is something that you share with other people, then you have to share its password, if there is any. For example, a joint bank account in your name and your partner’s. In that case, you can choose to share the password for free and easy access. In both the cases where the password can be shared or passed on, it is essential to remember that the recipient must also have LastPass in order to get it. 

In short, you can store login names and passwords, credit card info for quicker checkout after shopping, you can also save documents and PDFs for secure and accessible viewing, and with the Premium account, you can do anything you want. Sync it across devices so that you do not need passwords for phones or PCs, just the master password for LastPass would do, thereby, reducing hassle and confusion.

You can also get the web form filling option in LastPass, which is of great help if you have to fill in a lot of information but of the same nature repeatedly. The multifactor security is also a great addition that one can avail for added security. In the unfortunate event, where your profile has been hacked, this system comes into play. It is a double protection that is offered by various plugins. For example, Toopher sends you a push notification on your phone once the master password has been entered. You will have to pass both the authentication checks in order to access the account.

So, this is a detailed process of how LastPass works and how you can use it to protect your passwords with ease. It has a very good rating as a robust and reliable password manager in the security industry. Does not hurt to try.

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