Poke Notify: Now get notifications on your phone when a Pokemon is near you

poke notify

I do not think that I have to say anything more about Pokemon Go. As we all know, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games in the world right now with downloads that have exceeded expectations on all fronts. Currently, it is one of the most popular games in the world and in the USA it has been breaking records since the day of its inception. It has broken all iStore app download records and is currently available for Android. Pokemon Go has reached these milestones even when it is available in only a few selected countries and has not yet made a worldwide release. The game is based on the concept of Augmented Reality, which involves users roaming around the streets to catch Pokemons. Poke Notify is one that is helping Pokemon Go reach eveb greater heights.

The game, although very popular, is not without its problems. Due to the huge and unexpected popularity it has garnered over a short period of time the developers of the game are struggling to cope up with the pressure that the servers are being put under due to a massive population playing the game at the same time. Also, there are many other developers who are making apps to piggyback Pokemon Go’s success and therefore, you will find a number of support apps that have come out in order to make the game easier. I have already talked about some of these new apps that are being created to complement the Pokemon Go game. Poke Radar is a new app that has been made to search for Pokemons within an area and then there was the recent release of Razer Go, the first-of-its-kind Pokemon Go chat messenger.

Poke Notify: How does it work?

So what does this new app Poke Notify do? Its functionality is very similar to Poke Radar, but it has a couple of features that makes it different and unique. While Poke Radar is crowd-sourced and gives you information about Pokemons roaming around in the area only when you open the app, Poke Notify is an application that runs in the background and notifies you about Pokemons in your area with a custom message notification like when you get a WhatsApp message. This app is not crowd-sourced and gets its information directly from the Pokemon Go app which makes it very reliable, but the fact that it runs in the background is a bit disturbing as it drains the battery all the time even when your phone is locked, and you think that all the applications are off.

Poke Notify also comes with another great feature. From a list, you get to choose what Pokemons you want to catch, and the app will send you notifications regarding those Pokemons only. From its user feedback, the app maker Apptastic got the information that the battery draining part is a very negative side of Poke Notify, and that is why it rolled out another update which seeks to save battery life as well as work efficiently. So now you can easily get this app from the Google Play Store and install it and use it to find Pokemons nearby. Your work is lessened all the more because you do not have to search manually for Pokemons. This app will search them for you, and as soon as there is any Pokemon in your vicinity, it will send you a message after which you can open the Pokemon Go app and then catch the Pokemon if you want it.

Poke Notify is available for free on the Google Play Store. The user interface is really simple, and it does not feature any in-app purchases. So, go and get it now.

Source: Megabox

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Two high end Nokia phones with Android Nougat coming soon!

Nokia android

Heard of Nokia smartphones lately? Of course not! The phone giant is now a lost name in the smartphone generation. But recent reports suggest that two new high-end sets from the manufacturer are up and coming which will be featuring the latest Android Nougat operating system. The two new handsets will be manufactured by HMD Global; that is under contract for the next 10 years to produce Nokia phones. Going by the rumors arising from several significant sources the two phones will feature metallic bodies. The higher version may also have a polycarbonate shell.

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Expectations are not very great from the manufacturer as the Samsungs, Xiaomis, and the One Plus’ franchises are currently running the smartphone show. The two phones will supposedly have 5.2 and 5.5-inch screens. The display can be QHD or AMOLED, but nothing concrete has not come out yet. There has to be a fingerprint sensor which is now the norm with most handsets now. The addition of graphene, about which Nokia is currently researching now, may also be added which will make the fingerprint sensor one of the fastest acting. The camera, according to the rumors, is one of the selling points as Nokia is assumably going all out in this section, with a 22.6 megapixel one. We have already seen what the lower cameras of Nokia can do and therefore, this 22.6 MP shooter might provide good competition to other camera-centric handsets. The Android Nougat OS will be supported by a Nokia Z launcher to spice up the display and increase effectiveness.

The phones will be in the 30k-40k price range and is expected to come out in the later part of 2016. The scheduled date might be pushed back from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017 as the Android Nougat is still in testing and if Google takes more than expected time to come up with the finished version, 2017 will surely be the releasing year of the two new Nokia devices. Nokia CEO Rajiv Suri has promised that the new devices will be premium ones but has not said anything about the dates due to this dilemma.

It has been a while since Nokia made any waves in the smartphone department and it remains to be seen whether this attempt will be a small dive or a big splash on the part of the esteemed manufacturer.

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HTC Sense Home- Everything to Know

htc sense home

Like all premium smartphone companies, HTC also endeavours to provide something extra to its users so that they have a smooth and easy experience while using the company’s smartphones. These companies also like to combine usefulness with good looks so that the overall package is attractive for the users. The norm is to give out the normal Android package and along with it a software that users can utilise to customise looks and shortcuts so that the overall experience is great. HTC has such a tool called the HTC Sense Home that combines usefulness with visual appeal for the user. This tool that comes in the form of a widget helps users to get things at hand, be it files, apps or shortcuts. It uses the user’s location to decide where the user is and modifies the widget so that the appropriate choices show up.

How does HTC Sense Home work?

The HTC Sense Home works like a cover on the OS. Its usefulness quotient is unquestionable with its ability to assist the user in nearly everything. Most of all, the easy accessibility it offers is great. The user can get apps, media and news at the touch of a finger. The HTC Sense Home consists of a feature called BlinkFeed which offers a continuous stream of info, be it regarding news, music or media of any kind. It is customizable, and you can decide what you want to get in that feed. The HTC Sense Home also allows users to get Themes in order to make the interface colourful and dynamic.

You can just get latest social media info on your BlinkFeed by signing in with your social media accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. You can also the choose the news topics that you favour using other apps and RSS Feeds. Apart from that, users can also get info regarding new events that crop up near their locations. It will also feature nearby restaurants, cafes and bars while on the route like Google Maps does.

The Themes also come with a special feature. You do not need to be restricted to themes that are only available in the store. You can make your own themes in two simple and easy steps. You can choose the wallpapers, sounds and icons and fonts in order to create something that you want. The app comes with the Theme Maker that allows you to change all or a part of a theme with icon and sound packs enhancing the experience.

HTC Sense Home for Android:

Are you an Android user thinking that these beautiful themes and the highly efficient BlinkFeed are out of your grasp. Do not despair as there is a beta version of this app that can be accessed and used by Android users. The fully completed app will come around very soon, but you can just get the beta one from the Google Play Store and start off with your great experience.

The HTC Sense Home 8 has been launched for non-HTC phones. With this app, you will feel you are using the HTC 10. The interface is the same, and it will enrich your Android smartphone like no other. Apps can be moved and rearranged any way you want, from different locations to different folders.

HTC Sense Home comes by default on HTC devices unlike Android ones and therefore, might work more seamlessly for HTC handsets. Although HTC has not stated when it will come out with the complete version, it is going to be soon, it is expected. Keep checking this space for the latest info.

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Move over Pokemon Go, Moscow now has its own Discover Moscow Go!

discover moscow photo app

Well, this signifies the end of Pokemon Go in Russia. After much protest from government officials, the Moscow government has come up with its own Discover Moscow Photo app which resembles Pokemon Go and works on the same principle. But the objective of the Russian app is to seek out famous Russian figures instead of running after Pokemons. The city government after the release of the app declared that the Discover Moscow Photo app is an effort to raise awareness among Muscovites about the rich cultural heritage of the city and the country in general. The app is also supposed to encourage the habit of walking among the city’s inhabitants.

Communist MP Vadim Solovyov had recently called for the ban of the Pokemon Go game in Russia echoing the sentiments of other government top honchos who had denounced the app previously. He had compared the game with vices like gambling and drugs. Ruling party MP Yevgeny Fyodorov decried the game publicly stating that Pokemon Go developers could use the game for creating internal disturbances and other such underhand acts to destabilise the government just before the elections. Some of the government officials even went to the extent of dragging the game into religious controversies, with Senator Frants Klintsevich even stating that “the feeling of the Devil” was strong in the game and it could lead to spiritual abandonment. Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill supported the senator saying that the game “disconnects and demonises a person.”

These officials appeared hypocritical when they all concurred that Augmented Reality was a great way to move ahead technologically, and there was no wrong in using the concept of the game to raise awareness and promote the Muscovian heritage. It is only natural that Russia will react like this to an American made game, but the reality that they are piggybacking on the game’s popularity for their convenience is a little baffling as is proved by the severe criticism of the game publicly.

How does the Discover Moscow Photo app work?

Much like Pokemon Go, this Discover Moscow Photo app is all about scouting the streets in search of a historical figure instead of Pokemons. Some of these figures include the Writer Alexander Pushkin, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the Composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Tsars Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte, who invaded Moscow in 1812. People will have to move about in search of 3D figures of these historical people. As soon as one is found, the user will have to take a selfie with the figure which will complete the achievement. The app has been released for iOS and Android but only partially with reports stating that the full version will be released in August. It is being made in collaboration with the Discover Moscow historical tour guide.

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“Smashing” News: Gorilla Glass 5 will make your phone difficult to break!

gorilla glass 5

Here is some smashing news for you, Gorilla Glass manufacturers Corning recently let out a press release where the company claimed that the latest Gorilla Glass 5 is the best version of the product that has undergone 4 updates already. They have impressed on the fact that the Gorilla Glass 5 is nearly unbreakable, and therefore, users should not be too crestfallen if they drop their phones by accident or while clicking the perfect selfie. Cracked screens of phones were a regular occurrence when the smartphone generation reared its head. With time, it increased even more mainly due to selfie clicking. Whenever phones dropped from a height of more than the waist a cracked screen was inevitable. Then, Gorilla Glass came out about with its unique product which is now a regular on most smartphones, and the breaking lessened. This new product will make this occurrence very rare.

This press conference by Corning’s vice president and general manager, John Bayne was replete with facts, figures, and statistics. John reported that surveys had found 80% of all smartphone users drop their phones and in that, over 60% drop it from somewhere between shoulder and waist height, Now, manufacturing defects and presence of scratches on the screen work in increasing the tensile pressure so much that the screen cracks on impact. Corning has assured users that this new product will work wonders and that users need not be afraid if their phone dropped from a height but, that does not mean that the makers encourage it!

How is Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 made?

Corning’s Gorilla Glass manufacture process is similar to all other glass manufacturing processes. The essential difference lies in the fact that an ion exchange process is included in the whole cycle which imparts to the glass the required strength to survive falls. This exchange occurs when molten glass is put in a salt bath and heated to nearly 400 degree Celsius. The Sodium ions are replaced by Potassium ions which are significantly larger. The larger ions also take up more place and have the ability to put up with more pressure as compared to the smaller ones as they have the potential to get more compressed.

A significant factor in the manufacture of flawless cover glass is the fusion and the procurement of great material for which Corning is famous worldwide. Corning produces thin sheet glass for consumer application which has three major traits- one is the beautiful surface quality, the second is the unrivalled optical clarity and last is the dimensional stability. The testing that the glass undergoes also is very stringent. Corning’s R&D division puts all products under considerable testing simulating all real world conditions that the glass may have to endure.

A little Corning background:

There are many, in fact, most people do not know that Corning is perhaps the biggest name in the glass and ceramic industry. It is a US company that started way back in 1851 and is still ruling the roost, signifying its greatness. This is the company that made a glass cover for Thomas Alva Edison’s incandescent light. It is also credited with creating the first heat resistant glass cookware as well as the Cathode Ray Tubes for televisions of the past.

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Google Phone app now comes with Spam Caller Blocking

google phone

We have all heard of TrueCaller, especially in the third world countries where telemarketing and other such nuisances are a significant irritant. You must have faced it yourself. You are waiting for an urgent call, perhaps an interview call from a company, a call from your boss or even a call that would remove your “single” status! Suddenly a call comes but you find yourself talking to somebody offering you insurance or loans or credit cards. It might make anybody flip out especially if they are busy. That is why caller id software which warns you beforehand. Google has identified this problem as a major one which users should not have to face and therefore, has come up with an app called the Google Phone which will identify spam callers and will warn you.

It is not like there are no laws regarding this. Most countries have actual laws about telecalling and telemarketing, but the implementation and enforcement of these laws are a big question. They are in place, but no stringent action is taken regarding them as these callers keep on finding ways to get to users even if they are barred from calling. New generation Android phones and Nexus handsets all will come with this ability to detect spam callers inbuilt in them. Even Apple with its iOS 10 software release promises such a system.

How does Google Phone work?

Google, which has the biggest database of businesses worldwide, will offer excellent protection with its thorough knowledge and it will identify potential spam callers from user feedback. When such a number calls your phone, the screen will go a dark red and the name Suspected Spam Caller will light up on your screen. After the call, whether you pick up or not, you can decide what to do with the number. You can either block it, or you can approve it if you need it later.

This feature is inbuilt with many Android and Nexus devices, but if you desire it, then you can get it for your phone as an app instead of waiting for Google to push it to your device. The current version is 4.0.127222140.

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The real deal is here: Prisma available on Android!

prisma for android download

One of the two most viral apps now, Prisma has finally arrived on the Android scene in a complete and well-rounded form. In other words, it is officially available on the Android app store. No more beta versions and the associated niggles and glitches. This app made by the Russian Prisma Labs came out in the iStore at first. But, with its resounding success, the developers made up their minds to launch it for as many platforms as possible. The Android beta version was first released. But as is the case with most beta versions or the “yet to be fully developed versions” it had some drawbacks. Considering the multitudes of photo editing apps, this app would just have been another one, but it has some qualities that have augmented its popularity in a short time.


For the uninitiated, Prisma is primarily a photo-editing app. You might say that there are other app like this, so why choose Prisma? Well, this app has a unique feature that other apps do not provide. It edits photos in an offbeat way. Offbeat as in, after a Prisma edit, your photo will look like it has been painted by a master painter. It derives this art style from the great masters Picasso and Van Gogh. Impression, Curtain, Running in the storm, and Mondrian are some of the many filters that you will get, unlike the filters in other apps like Black and White, Sepia, Twilight, etc.

Only filters have not made Prisma what it is currently. There are other factors that have also worked to its advantage. One of the biggest is that in spite of turning pictures into complex works of art, its user interface is relatively straightforward and easy to use. You just have to pick a picture to edit and then select the perfect filter to apply. It will take some time to work the magic, so be patient. You could also use the in-app Prisma camera to make your capture and edit process more streamlined and smooth. The ability to share the photos on social media easily makes Prisma the all-in-one app that everyone desires.

A note to make is that, sometimes, while using the app you may get a message that reads, “Too many people using Prisma right now.” Do not fret too much about that since the message will go away and the app will start working normally after a short time. It happens because the Prisma developers obviously did not anticipate such popularity and now they are short of servers to support the pressure. Prisma is an app that has been fixed in the most downloaded app list since its inception. Over 500 million photos have been edited using the app and it has been downloaded over 10 million times with a figure of more than 2 million daily users, according to statistics.

The popularity of the iOS app which was released first made Android users shout out for an Android version of the same and now it has been officially released, so go ahead and enjoy!

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There are other cool AR apps apart from Pokemon Go

cool ar apps

It is useless to ask if you know about Pokemon Go. This viral app has been creating waves since the day it was launched and at present is one of the most downloaded games in the history of apps, be it Android or iOS. A unique feature about Pokemon go is that it relies on Augmented Reality to function. You may not be knowing that Augmented Reality has been in place for making apps since a long time back. Pokemon Go is not the only AR app that is available on the market right now, but it has certainly enhanced the popularity of AR apps and is currently making a foundation for more such apps to come through.

So let us take a look at some other cool AR apps that are currently available in app stores right now.

Cool AR Apps other than Pokemon Go:

  1. Blippar– Blippar is one such app that helps in really knowing the world around you by ‘blipping’ objects. It is an educational app that provides you information about everyday things and materials that you encounter. For instance, if you fire up the app and point it towards your dog then the app will immediately provide you information about what a dog is, how it came into being, the breed of the dog and so on. Blippar also has its own publication called the Brainspace Magazine which when viewed using Blippar might surprise you with some amazing pictures and animation and videos jumping right out of the page!
  2. Ingress– Niantec, the company which made Pokemon Go also made a game called Ingress which is quite similar to Pokemon go but is more complex in its gameplay. Both of these games are based on AR and the difference between them is that while Pokemon involves capturing Pokemons Ingress is all about getting portals scattered in the world. Ingress revolves around creating a territory along with your team. The bigger your territory is, the higher you rank.
  3. Yelp– Yelp, also called Monocle, maybe the oldest AR app ever. It debuted in the iStore store seven years ago. It works on the principle of a map but with the help of your smartphone camera. If you fire up the app and point it towards any shop or establishment, you will see a rating, the kind of service the establishment offers, contact information and much more. It has all the information superimposed on the world and which is displayed on your phone screen.
  4. Star Walk– Star Walk is one such app that is concerned with the galactical and astronomical entities around us. This app is selectively only for a few people, the ones who are budding astronomers or astrologers. This app is perfect for star gazing and is very useful to spot heavenly and celestial bodies like stars, planets, satellites, etc. It also provides a 3D rendering of planetary nebulae and constellations which enhance the immersive quality of the app.
  5. Zombies, Run– Zombies, Run is the app which most similar to Pokemon Go. In this game, you also have to roam the streets for packages and other things that you have to gather to protect a civilisation with you as its only saviour.

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Razer Go, the new Pokemon Go chat messenger

razer go

You must be playing Pokemon Go. If you are not, then, you are missing out on one of the most viral games, ever. Pokemon gym trainers are currently ruling the world! If you have not heard of the game, then you at least must be knowing the original Pokemon TV series. Remember Ash Ketchum and his two friends who went on journeys together to catch Pokemons and battle with other Pokemon trainers. This game is basically a simulation of the TV series with the user becoming a gym trainer with Pokemons. It also promotes fitness and exercise because the aim of the game is to catch Pokemons, which in turn can be done by roaming around on streets. This game is so popular because it uses augmented reality to promote itself. You may find it a bit incredulous roaming around on streets, but I promise you that catching a Pokemon on the street is way more fun that you may not have ever imagined.

The fantastic thing about the game is that although it is based on virtual gaming, it also has some relation to the real world. I mean to say that you may just find a Pokemon prancing about in your bathroom or your office or even in the backseat of your car which makes it a fascinating and exciting proposition and one that is full of suspense as to where you will find the next Pokemon. The game is a very innovative one but like everything in the world it also has a bad side. It is very addictive and drains the phone battery like anything.  While playing the game people have also ended up in dangerous areas and also there were reports of violence when two or more players converged on a single location to pick up a Pokemon and got into an argument as to who rightfully owned it.

However, that did not stop anybody from playing the game and making it even more popular. The game has not been officially launched in all countries. It is only available for a few select countries now while the developers are working on increasing the reach of the game. Due to the developers not anticipating this kind of viral popularity, the game has not been able to reach out to every corner of the world, officially. It is being done in stages with the developers increasing the number of servers drastically to keep up with the increasing pressure caused due to its popularity. The game also has some shortcomings that other developers are overcoming by creating their own Mods and Hacks. From catching Pokemons while sitting at home to monitoring and hatching Poke-eggs with zero effort, there are every possible mods that the game now possesses, albeit unofficially. The latest among these unofficial hacks and mods is the Razer Go chat messenger which is an instant messaging app that Pokemon Go users can use to communicate with each other because the official app does not have one.

Razer Go, the new Pokemon Go chat messenger:

This new chat app that Pokemon Go users can use has been made by a developer called Razer. It is called Razer Go, and it will enable users to communicate with each other while playing the game. Razer Go web browser version recently launched on July 21st while its Android and IOS version will be out on July 25th. This chat is impressive because the developer has taken a lot into account while making it. Going by the popularity of the app there are three modes that users can use to chat with other players. The three modes include a local one which will enable players to communicate within an area of 3 miles; then there is a regional chat which will bring in players spread over 60 miles and the last one is a global mode which will include Pokemon Go users from all over the world. They will also be regional beacons which players can unlock to get chat rooms when they come upon it. All chats will be of 3 types. While one will be public, the other will be a team chat and the last one will be a private chat.

The RazerGo chat app seemingly appears to be a very impressive one with its array of features, but there are some apprehensions that users currently have about this app, the biggest of which is the extent to which it will blend seamlessly with the official version of the game.

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Google Camera comes out with Pause feature during video recording

Google Camera

A camera, as we all know is imperative for today’s smartphone generation. With the continuous evolution of smartphones, the camera has gained a very prominent position in the hardware of a smartphone. A greater increase in importance is of camera apps which have become indispensable for the functioning of a smartphone camera. There are many such camera apps that are popular right now, but people are gunning for those apps that come with cameras pre-installed in them. The biggest and perhaps the most famous of all these apps is Instagram, but there is also a new app on the horizon which is giving Instagram a run for his money. This is the newest viral app in town called Prisma. Following up close is a new competitor which will compete with these two in the days to come. Yes, I am talking about Google Camera.

The Google Camera was launched in 2014 and has since gone through a massive number of updates. The number of updates, however, did not make it very special like the other famous camera apps. Since the start of editing software for camera photos, people started yearning for editing apps with in-app cameras. The Google camera app did not make any noticeable waves after its inception because it did not have any special features which would attract users to download and use it. Google, however, seems to have learnt its lesson and has now come up with a new and exciting feature that not many apps can boast of. The new and most recent Android software called Android Nougat, or Android N will feature the Google Camera with video pausing ability. Users can fire up the app and start recording videos on it. The interesting thing is that if the user feels the need he or she can pause the video recording and then resume it later. This feature is the one that the smartphone generation wanted for a long time, and it is finally here, thanks to Google camera.

How to use the Google Camera?

So how do you use this feature? As soon as you start recording your video, you will notice an extra button on the right-hand corner of your screen. That is the Pause button. The Play and Stop buttons are present in the middle as they usually do. It must have happened that you found you need to stop the video for a few seconds and then resume recording again. Earlier that was not possible, but Google Camera has come out with this feature that is very rare in the Android world right now and might make it very popular among the smartphone generation. You may now easily start recording a video, pause it in between, change your location or resume the video at a different time, depending on your convenience.

Google Camera has also reportedly found a new way of securing and guarding homes. In collaboration with a company called Nest, Google is taking pre-orders of home security cameras. These cameras will use a Google algorithm in order to send a notification to a user’s smartphone if the camera detects any irregularity. People may be apprehensive that their phone will keep on buzzing through the day even if a fly moves in front of the camera but Google has taken care of that with a program that can efficiently distinguish between ordinary everyday events and burglars breaking into a house. So, the only time a user will get a notification is when there is any real danger to their homes.

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